: Spark plug wires

02-17-05, 10:35 PM
i found them for 129$ for bosch wire set. www.drivewire.com (http://www.drivewire.com) they also have intrax springs and camber kits cheap i just bought my front camber kit for 33.88 shipped.

02-17-05, 10:41 PM
www.ultrarev.com also has magnacore wires for a catera and some msd's that can be used for a catera

02-23-05, 12:57 AM
I Have a 1999 Catera and I'm trying to change my Spark plugs but i cant find them. Can anyone tell me how to gewt to them? Or does anyone have a service manual on this special task.

Ls1 Catera project
02-23-05, 04:12 AM

Well, I changed my spark plugs as soon I got the car. They are on each left and right side of your engine inside black valve covers. Their are conected to little caps at the end of spark plug wires on each spark plug. What u can do is pop off the caps then you probably need ( what its called ) a rench type tool with a handle and pivited socket to get them out 5-8th size. Sometimes they fall down and could be hard to get out of those deep Catera valve covers so for that I used a magnetic stick that makes it much more simple ( to get them out once they lose).

Final thinking: Well if you get those 2 tool with some practice you could do it yourself and save the money. Its just once u do the right side you have to get few things out of the way to reach in.

Good luck.