: Q45 question for Elwesso and Jesda...

02-17-05, 08:19 PM
First, let me say that my wife crashed her Mitsu Mirage last saturday, total loss :(

So, I'm looking around for something better for her. I was thinking about a mid 90's Infi Q45. Since you both have one, I thought you'd be able to guide me into the right direction about this. What is the best year as far as performance and reliability? Are there any pitfalls I should avoid looking for one? Are there pricey components are likely to fail such as active suspension or tranny? :bonkers:

Anyways, all of your input is very appreciated :coolgleam

02-17-05, 09:23 PM
I appologise to everyone else, don't let the thread's title scare you off... ANYONE who's familiar with first gen Q45 feel free to leave your opinions :)

02-17-05, 09:35 PM
They can get pretty pricey.......

You live near me and my grandfather who has a nice 94' w/60,000 on it......he is lookin to sell but then he decides not too......so I kno I cant help you there but its a damn good car I love it, if I didnt find this Cadillac I would have offered him what I had for his car.....

02-17-05, 09:42 PM
www.nicoclub.com :)

02-17-05, 09:43 PM
I'm looking to spend around 5-6K in a decent condition, let your granpa know if he's interested. Otherwise, I have this guy who goes to auctions and he charges a flat fee, so he can get a peretty good deal for me...

02-17-05, 09:47 PM
www.nicoclub.com :)
Cool link, thanks...

02-17-05, 10:09 PM
Thats Jesda and Elwesso territory.

02-22-05, 04:15 AM
Sorry, I've been busy. :)

First check out http://www.q45.org/ -- Wes and I maintain that site with a crapload of info.

If you want a daily luxury car, I suggest the 94-95 Q45 without active suspension or HICAS steering. Why? Lowers maintenance costs. Active suspension accumulators and computers add some headaches, though a couple sources at NICO can provide parts for a reasonable price. HICAS four-wheel steering just adds weight and more steering hardware (thus, more maintenance).

The 90-93 models are noticeably quicker, lighter, and sportier, but suffer from a fatal plastic chain guide problem. You can see pics of my chain guide job at the site. A piece of chain guide hangs from my rear-view mirror.

Wes's 94 Q is quieter, smoother, and easier to drive. The interior is a lot warmer and nicer to be in. Its also cheaper to maintain.
My 92 is quicker, has tighter steering, and has less body roll, but suffers from a rougher ride.

In 1996 variable valve timing was dropped for emissions reasons, but you gain ODB II (not worth the trade off). There's one guy on the NICO forum with a 92 and a 96, and despises his 96 for a lot of interior cheapening that took place for the final year of the original Q.

Problem spots on ALL Q45s are the transmission. The transmission is well-designed, but inadequately cooled.
The transmission cooling system was disastrous for 90-93 models. My Q is on the second one, first one replaced at 53k under warranty with a revised cooling design. I have 196k on the odometer now, and it shifts beautifully.
In 1994 cooling was revised but still woefully inefficient.
The solution is an external transmission cooler (cheap to buy/install). My Q has also enjoyed annual transmission flushes with Mobil 1. Wes has a valve body upgrade on his tranny.

If I was shopping for a second Q45, it would be a base-model 1994 or 1995. Theyre mostly bulletproof.
Unless youre in the know and willing to endure some heavy expenses for extra performance, I'd avoid the 90-93 -- its meant for purists and enthusiasts. Plus, I really came to love the gold badge on the nose. Its the closest I can get to being bold without buying a CTS.

I wouldnt rule out the 1997-2001 Q45 either. Resale is nice and low on these, because they always lived in the shadow of Lexus. Theyre quicker than the 96 due to reduced weight and the 96's absence of VVT. Power is down but the drop in weight balances that. The interior is noticeably cheaper and quite bland in comparison, but is MUCH roomier, especially in the back seat and trunk. The ride is softer, so you get more body roll and floating, but reliability on these models is known to be near-perfect.

Wes's Q: http://www.q45.org/bad/
Wes's other Q: http://wes.spilky.com/my_q45.htm
My Q: http://q.spilky.com/myq/ (q2.jpg through q9.jpg are the most recent photos)
My records: http://q.spilky.com/irl.xls




More pics: http://www.q45.org/memride.htm