: GM Supplier Discount in Northern Virginia

02-17-05, 05:02 PM
Anyone in NoVa use the GSD? I was just looking at the GM GSD Buy Power site and it looks like you only get about 4000 off MSRP max. I've seen people mention way better deals than that, just not in the NoVa area.

02-17-05, 07:31 PM
I've been waiting for a while for the opportunity to recommend Alleghany Motors, the place I bought mine. They were the only ones I could find that would give me the supplier discount in August. Give Gary Guy a call there, and see what he can do. 1-800-842-6185.

They aren't exactly in NoVA (Covington actually, pretty close to West Virginia) but it shouldn't take too long to get over there. They are a pretty small dealership, and it took a while for him to convince GM to send a V to them. Mine was the first one there and was only there for a day, but they already had about 3 other people place orders when they saw it.

02-17-05, 08:24 PM
Thanks, I'll give them a shout and see what I can come up with.

02-18-05, 07:14 AM
I live in MD. My buying experience is detailed in this long post http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27091

I qualify for GMS. Bottom line was I got a lot better than that 9plus got FG2 and Corsa thrown in. I contacted 12 dealers from Norva to Harrisburg. There was anot a single dealer that indicated they would not honor GMS pricing.

Good luck,


02-18-05, 08:06 AM
We honor it all the time.