: Purge valve solenoid

07-02-13, 12:16 PM
I have the picture of my Purge Valve Solenoid. I am wanting to know does it look connected correctly . I noticed that the CTS has it turned in the opposite direction. I have been having P0446 so was informed to have this Replaced so just going to wait till the part comes in. Does anyone else know what fuse and where it is located just in case it has a fault.


07-02-13, 11:48 PM
I don't believe there is a fuse but it looks installed right as it only goes one way and since the plug is on that side it won't stretch to the other side. Its held on by one 10mm bolt

07-04-13, 04:59 PM
Looks good to me too. Just replaced same part on an SRX. $36 at Rock Auto. Hardest part was figuring out how to remove all clamps w/out damaging them. Just be careful, use a flashlight and your reading glasses, a small screwdriver and small needle nose pliers. Don't drop anything into the engine space. Work slowly and it will still take only about 15 minutes at most. Hardest part of my swap-out was need to find an 18mm socket to remove the side-to-side brace from over the engine cover and undo the 4 bolts. 18mm is not an everyday socket nor in most socket sets. I had one with my spark plug sockets as I needed it for removing plugs in a Japanese machine and forgot I even had it.

There is no fuse I know of, but just make sure the ignition is off and the keys out of the ignition switch.

07-06-13, 05:16 PM
is this the part I need to change due to engine light, p0446 code, and not being able to fill my tank easy because it clicks like 20 times

07-06-13, 06:13 PM
It may be but if you fill the tank too full it can flood the canister and that's not good. When filling the tank use the slowest auto setting on the pump handle and STOP when it first clicks off. If it shuts off at 1/2 tank (eg) then you have partial blockage of the filler tube and that's a separate problem.

07-06-13, 08:30 PM
Mine was clicking like crazy while running I replaced and it went away.

07-15-13, 04:34 PM
a mechanic told me the problem of my check engine light and the code p0446 and the problem filling my gas tank up is the "vent solenoid and the canister" not the purge solenoid under the hood....I dunno if that's correct but I need this fixed because I cant pass inspection until I do I already got a ticket. but I was thinking to buy all three pieces and get it all replaced. but also he said he's gonna do a smoke test first whatever that means before he replaces anything.

07-29-13, 01:35 PM
this same potential fix for a p0496?

07-29-13, 01:54 PM
496 is usually purge solenoid (underhood). 446 is more likely vent solenoid (at canister).

07-29-13, 02:20 PM
ty mr glake

any 'proper' steps to take to change this?
or just swap parts, start engine then clear code is good?
lol, I want to do this right and before I need to fill up :)

07-29-13, 02:53 PM
Simple change parts. MIL will turn off after 4 drive cycles with no faults.

07-31-13, 03:52 PM
Id be stuck w/o you mr glake

for those that changed it
is it AC Delco part # 2141685 (oe/alternate # 12591334, 12611801)?
ty again for the help

07-31-13, 05:22 PM
Glad I could help!