: What signs do i need to be on the look out for when it comes to my GM 3.6 engine oil?

07-02-13, 11:43 AM
What are all the important signs i need to be aware of for the GM 3.6 engine oil in my 2007 STS?

I just bought a 2007 STS all wheel drive with 58,000 miles on it and was wondering if i might incounter any oil problems with this year cadillac.

Are there any 2007 STS owners that never had any oil problems with their GM 3.6 ?

07-02-13, 11:59 AM
Just check it regularly, get a good handle on how much it goes through, if any. You may never have an issue at all, but just be aware that the 3.6 is known for using oil causing premature timing chain wear.

Do some reading over in the 1st Gen CTS forum, TONS of information over there regarding this issue. Also, you could try reaching out to a member on here from FL, SC2150. He works with a company that has done significant work on the 3.6L LY7 engine and I'm sure he could give you a better idea as to what to expect and measures you can take to prevent it.

07-02-13, 12:14 PM
Least with an 07 he has extended timing chain warranty. Else I would run from a 3.6 and its oil consumption timing chain (that apparently doesn't exist per GM) problems.

07-02-13, 12:27 PM
Yes, good reminder 1Bad...

Your timing chain is covered for, IIRC, 10 years or 120k, under an extended coverage adjustment that was made by GM.