: starting to think i may have purchased a lemon

07-02-13, 06:01 AM
could not wait till i received my obd2 can-bus scanner so took it to my local guy who i use for my MOT inspections , he linked it up to his (6.5k !! yes you do get what you pay for) computer thingy
and it came up with error code p0008.

now reading up on here its to do with the timing chains stretching.

the engine does not rattle at all , in fact its the quietest car i have ever owned.
the engine seems to drive well and pulls like a train.

could anything else throw this code up does anyone know?
before i ship it back to the garage.

I wouldnt mind but i have been driving it like miss daisy for the past 2 weeks of ownership, not even opened the throttle fully yet.

07-02-13, 07:44 AM
you say it drives good, try deleting the code an later check to see if it comes back.

07-02-13, 09:28 AM
The p0008 will come back on after a few ignition cycles deleting won't do anything more than likely timing chains. Mine did the same thing no noise or any other signs.

07-03-13, 06:19 PM
well we deleted the codes the other day , driven it for about 90 miles , nothing , nada , zip .. fingers crossed this may be an old code from where the car has just been sat for a while or just crap fuel.
started , stopped , turned the ignition on/off at least 10 times now, still no noise from engine bay. no rattle and in fact since deleting the code properly ie not from just removing the battery terminals for a while it seems much more lively.
in fact i have been mistreating the car today on purpose , turned traction control off and had her in sport mode for 90% of the time to try to force a code.

i will keep at this for a few days now , till either it comes up with the error code again , or i can at least ask the dealer for his labour costs if it goes wrong again after my warrantee has run out.
thinking this may be viable , i dont mind purchasing the parts needed ,but he can fit them. I am starting to think now possible failure of the sensor could be to blame.

07-03-13, 06:49 PM
Sweet, fingers crossed.

07-03-13, 07:15 PM
Lemon? So are you saying if it needed the timing chain replaced, you would term it a lemon? It's interesting on this forum what vehicles people call lemons.

07-03-13, 07:41 PM
Lemon? So are you saying if it needed the timing chain replaced, you would term it a lemon? It's interesting on this forum what vehicles people call lemons.

Holy that sounds like one of my posts, good on ya lol

07-03-13, 10:25 PM
If thats all you have I would not consider it a lemon, but if your spending thousands of dollars in less then a year you have a lemon, Find a reputable mechanic and he should have no problem, while your removing the front check all your other stuff you can change since its apart, rust, sagging radiator, belts, good time to bench test your alternator since it needs removing, check your front brake lines for rust (easier to access), check your manifold heat shields, if like mine they are brittle to the point they crumble when touching you may consider changing them(again easier to access)

07-04-13, 08:25 AM
to be honest more like a over ripe soggy banana at the moment so i'll take back the lemon comment.
I know i'm going to love it , but something is not quite right yet.

still not convinced its all the last owner said it was. but the engine light still has not returned after another morning of driving round stopping and starting to give it a few more ignition cycles.
Really hoping it was very bad supermarket fuel .

thinking i should also stop reading posts on here.
as i now find out i have the rear leak problem along with the others i have spoken about.

and one of my tyre sensors has gone bad on the wheel re-learn

I know i have not purchased a 'new' car , but its the most expensive second hand car i have ever owned, and probably the oldest second hand car too.
would have liked not to have had the problems associated with it identifyed within the first 2 weeks of ownership.

I must have been spoilt with my old Ford Excursion , almost 10 years of ownership and only needed common items , brakes and shocks.
Oh and no electronic gadgets that freak me out every time i turn on the ignition.Maybe im turning into a technophobe.