: Just did the dumbest thing ever!! Help

07-02-13, 01:08 AM
I can't believe I just did this but I have an 04 SRX and I couldn't get me key out of the ignition. Looked through the forums and it seems like it is a steering lock issue. I tried disconnecting the batt, starting restarting, an even unscrewed the screw under the steering column to try to manually pop the spring but couldn't do it. So here's where I got stupid. I didn't want to leave the car in the driveway unlocked with the key in the ignition but didn't want the battery dead from the accessories stuck on either so I locked the doors then disconnected the battery then closed the hood. Why did I close the hood? By the way I have one key for this car.
Any idea how to open the hood from the outside?
Can't believe I just did this
Thanks for any help

07-02-13, 09:33 AM
Ok I'm still an idiot but I got the hood open pretty easily. If it ever happens to you just look through the grill find where the cable pulls from, then I took a coat hanger and hooked it and pulled and it opened.
Also the tip for getting the key out is great. I couldn't see it at midnight but there is little hole in the center of a metal piece under the screw under the steering column. Press it with something small and the key pops out. Amazing! I still need to get the steering lock fixed since I doubt my wife will enjoy this process every time she goes somewhere
Thanks for the helpful advice