View Full Version : Seville/Eldo guy road trips a new XTS - Impressions

07-02-13, 12:35 AM
Rented an XTS this weekend and drove from Atlanta to Huntsville, AL. then down to Pensacola and back to Atlanta.
Thought I'd give my impressions of the car.

First the good:
- Very comfortable. Seats are great.
- Nice suspension, Not quite sporty, but well planted, smooth and quiet, but not floaty
- Gobbles up long stretches of highway with ease
- Excellent sound system, maybe the best I've heard.
- Plenty of power from the 3.6
- Good looking, gets a lot of stares, although it kind of reminds me of a boat from some angles.
- I didn't calculate exactly, but it seemed to get very good gas mileage.
- Ton's of bells and whistles. It would take far more than a 3 day trip to figure everything out.

Now the bad:
- Ton's of bells and whistles. It would take far more than a 3 day trip to figure everything out. The CUE system is not very intuitive
I felt like I was lacking the pre-requisite engineering and IT degrees necessary to operate it. And the interface, buttons, controls, etc are just plain weird and kind of cheap looking/feeling. Give me some solid feeling toggles and knobs. I guess I'm old school that way.
- While I mentioned the engine seems to have plenty of power, it was a little weird driving a big Caddy with a V6. From the sound and feel of the engine, I wasn't sure if I was driving a Caddy a Malibu, a Buick of some kind, or maybe a Traverse. Cadillacs have always had special engines and for as much money as you pay for one of these things, I think it should have a different engine than your mother's Chevy. Cadillac needs to bring back a 32V V8 of about 425 HP for this car.
- Speaking of your Mother's Chevy, the new Impala is obviously built on the same platform as the XTS. It looks nearly identical in profile. I almost rented one of those instead. It looked like it was appointed nearly as well as the XTS, and is very sharp. Not sure how you'd justify the $20,000 price difference. Certainly not with CUE.

Overall, very nice car. Great Rental.........Wouldn't buy one though. Needs a V8 in my opinion.
If I was in the market, I'd probably pony up the extra cash and get a CTS-V or consider a German alternative.

07-02-13, 10:37 AM
impala is 30k? gulp. i am living in the past. every xts i see is 49k, 52k.

07-02-13, 09:18 PM
I'm sure if you get one totally loaded out it's 30K or better.

07-02-13, 10:57 PM
Just spec'd one out with everything except navi and adaptive cruise and it came to $38,400.
Did the same for an XTS and it came to $57, 100, without the "driver assist package" and including $2,000 cash back.

Looks like the new twin turbo 3.6 making 410 HP will be available on the XTS in 2014.