: I'm new here !

02-17-05, 12:33 AM
G,Day everyone :thumbsup: I,m really new to all this so please be gentle Is there anywhere here that deals mainly with 50's and 60's models ? It's great to meet you all
Kind Regards, Andy

02-17-05, 12:56 AM
Welcome to the forums, mate.

02-17-05, 11:13 PM
Thanks a lot ! Hopefully I will be able to learn heaps.

02-18-05, 10:17 AM
Welcome Andy!

It's nice to hear from our friends down-under! I have included a link that may be a helpful start. I find it provides good info on decoding VIN's and general historical facts. Good luck! If there is something specific try posting in the Past Vehicle Discussion section. Lots of helpful people here! Thanks for joining the forum!


02-18-05, 12:10 PM
Thanks Paul - I'll have a look. I'm looking around for a 58,59.60 rag top to restore. Can't find anythig much over here - gotta pay anything from A$20,000 for a heap to around 90/100K for a plum.