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The Bif
02-16-05, 09:21 PM
I've got a '71 Coupe Deville, and when I turn the car off after having driven around a bit, I can hear a bubbling noise coming from the engine compartment. I popped open the hood to take a peek, and the fluid inside the plastic coolant resivoir seems to be bubbling. I know a little bit about cars, and am trying to learn more from the more mechanically inclined among my friends, but most of them are more into import trash than real cars. If anyone could offer any insight into what the problem could be, or if it's a problem at all, I'd appreciate it.

02-16-05, 09:59 PM
My 85 Cutlass with a 77 Olds 350 did this after a WOT blast, ended up being a head gasket failure.

Hopefully it isn't. I dumped stop leak in and it survived 3 years before it leaked inside and hydrolocked the engine. It got a gasket after that....


02-17-05, 03:50 AM
My '69 Coupe deVille would make the same noise after the water pump had failed. If it was running low on coolant, it'd make a weird gurgling sound after shutting off the engine. After the water pump replacement, she's been sounding fine.

02-17-05, 05:54 AM
well if you think about it....bubbles mean one of three things....air is coming through or the water is hot and boiling or both. Most cars can run at near boiling with out any problems, if you are a little low on water or...like 69 said the water pump has failed which would cause the car to run above boiling...because there is very little water circulating...just make sure its running at normal temperature and not getting to hot...

02-17-05, 02:28 PM
Could be as simple as a weak radiator pressure cap. After shut down, engine temp and radiator pressure increase. If the cap wont hold its stated pressure, then it will boil over into the recovery tank. Replace the cap. When you remove the old one (engine cold!) coolant should slightly overflow the neck, if not, coolant is low.

The Bif
02-24-05, 09:48 PM
It turned out to be the pressure cap on the radiator and a collapsed hose. I'm glad it was only like $15 instead of something major. Thank you all so much.

02-25-05, 04:17 PM
Thanks for the update. Now the thread is complete and can help someone else.