: Steering settings

07-01-13, 04:46 PM
When the V's traction control is off and the setting is on "competitive mode", the steering stiffens up. I like that steering feel and would like to have it all the time, even when the traction control is turned on. Is there any way to set that up?

07-01-13, 05:56 PM
Maybe with a custom program but not otherwise.

07-01-13, 08:00 PM
Just use comp mode all the time. It's the best of both worlds...protection of stability without the nuisance of traction control.

07-02-13, 08:08 AM
Not sure why anyone would turn off stability control if being driven on public roads. I've seen to many "hero" threads over on the Corvette Forum when jockies try their hand at F1 style driving on on ramps etc only to wind up in a guard rail or ditch.

07-02-13, 11:32 AM
Work on your throttle modulation until you don't notice that you don't have traction control.

If it helps, think of it like earning your way to the next level of a video game :)

07-02-13, 11:41 AM
I always turn traction control off but not stability control.

07-02-13, 03:01 PM
I turn everything off at the track, but leave the electronics on around town. That is, unless I'm in front of a buddy and want to burn off $100 worth of PS2, then I turn off traction control. :)

07-02-13, 11:16 PM
My philosophy is, give 'em a ride and they won't need to see a burnout to be impressed.

07-04-13, 07:38 PM
I really need some inexpensive, s%it tires so I can do burnouts and not care. Damn these expensive PS2s.

07-05-13, 12:25 AM
My philosophy is, give 'em a ride and they won't need to see a burnout to be impressed.

What Jinx said. Haha!