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06-30-13, 10:20 PM
Just saying hello to everyone!

I bought a 2004 CTS Base with only 88,000 miles great looking car. Hopefully I can keep this one just as long as I did my Monte SS trade it for the CTS still running great.

I had a 03' Montecarlo SS for 10 Years from 4 miles to 329,580 miles great car, so hopefully I can drive this CTS just as long. I read quite a few discussions already and found them very informative regular maintance spark plugs, fuel filters. Great information with pictures that always helps a lot. Great Job!!!!

I do all my own work as much as I can, I started trying to change out the spark plugs but got stuck on that back bolt not able to remove the one under the firewall. So then I started to google on how to --- and found this site!!!!!

I attached a couple of pictures of my CTS, only dealer photos. Still to take one at home.

So now I have some where to go for info!! ON HOW TO?? When I get stuck.
My old Monte was still very simple to work on. Thanks in advance - for the info!!!!

06-30-13, 10:23 PM
Congratulations! Welcome to the Forums.

06-30-13, 10:27 PM
We got rid of an 06 not to long ago... only had it for 3 months, picked it up with about 110k on it and the timing chain broke on the way home from the lot.... dealer ate the repairs and 2 weeks later we got it back.

3 months down the road and it somehow managed to lose every drop of oil in it with no sign of a leak and no smoke at all... I filled it back up and 2 days later my wife took it for a drive and called me from the side of the road with 0 oil again and a totally seized motor.

Other than that it was a fun little car to drive.

06-30-13, 10:45 PM
Have never heard of anything like that ever, Just crazy! The only problems I had to fix where the electrical fans, and the water pump.

Thanks for the welcome,

Will be following the CTS threads.

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I had never heard of it either until it happened and I started to research it... its apparently a more common than it should be issue on those 6cyls