: 2008 passenger side door lock not working

06-30-13, 09:17 PM
I just purchased a 2008 Escalade and found out that the passenger door lock will not lock or unlock with the door lock buttons on either door nor with the key fob. From other forum threads, I figure that the door actuator has gone bad.

Would this be covered under warranty and how long is the warranty?

If it is not covered under warranty, where is a good place to order a replacement part?

I have noticed that some are made in Mexico and some in America. Which would be a better made part?

Thanks in advance for the help.

SpyShops NY
06-30-13, 10:56 PM
Its under warranty you have 50,000 or 4 years or if you have the extended warranty from GMPP you have 100k miles. If not you can do it for around 160$ each you need a strong allan kit for the door. Just be careful if you are going to do it yourself.

07-01-13, 08:44 AM
It has 103,000 miles on it. I guess I will do it myself.
Should I buy the part made in Mexico and save a few bucks or go for American made?

07-01-13, 02:33 PM
Not sure of the difference tween the two ... but just in case you want to know how to take the panel off, here's a 'how to': http://tahoeyukonforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30772 It's for a Tahoe but they're pretty much the same.