: Need supporting info RE: 4.6 head bolts

09-24-03, 08:58 PM
Have a 94 4.6 Y NS in the shop where the head bolts stripped out. Local Caddy dealer has repair kits (in stock) telling me this is a common prob. My machine shop verified verbally. Have checked 2 Caddy TSBs but not altogether supportive of my claim this is a common prob. Does anyone know where I can download/print info supporting that this IS common?

09-24-03, 09:04 PM
do a seach either here, gm forums, or yahoo for "time sers" that should give you what you need

09-24-03, 09:18 PM
Will try....
Have done a Google search and got all kinds of crap. I did talk w/ Jasper motors today and they mentioned what I heard as "Time Serts" like "inSerts" ??? Have already gone through AllData and Mitchell...

Thx, EM

09-24-03, 09:23 PM
PS - thx - did search on Time Serts and found the perfect doc at caddyinfo.com