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02-15-05, 06:16 PM
Hi Guys. I am new to Cadillacs and I thought this should be a simple install but it gave me a headache (yes, I already did a search).

I have a GM Delco CD Changer with Delco cable. The 1996 Fleetwood has a factory cassette radio with CD Changer controls and no connectors of the type that I am used to for the CD Changer. I can't find a remote box for the head unit either; but I don't know if there is supposed to be one.

How/where do I hook the changer up? Thanks.

02-19-05, 07:02 AM
I purchased a Delco 12 disc CD player for my 98 Eldorado and the factory manual related that the remote connection was in the right rear of the trunk. It was pigtailed and secured under the trunk carpeting next to the antenna housing and the special Eldo CD mounting bracket (I purchased this from a dealer) could be mounted right center of trunk (bolted right into GM manufacured hardware under the carpet). Removed a single jumper from the original trunk cable and plugged the cable directly into the CD unit and the radio immediately recognized the player. It takes a few minutes for orginal set up as the radio checks all cd loading in the cd magazine and you can hear this procedure. Use the source button. You will see a cd icon on the radio green screen. Only wrinkle is if you want to go to cd #7, hold down radio button #1 until the radio beeps and then the changer loads #7. Enjoy!

02-19-05, 05:31 PM
Thanks for your input MWA - that is exactly what I was expecting, but this car doesn't seem to work that way.

The only pigtail in the trunk is a small power lead with an antenna type cable connector both taped together. It looks like it is for an integrated telephone or cb-radio type setup. It is not a standard plug for a 12 disc changer.

There is also no receiver/amplifier box in the trunk like people say it is supposed to have near the antenna. The only box in the trunk is a BCM for the lights etc. that is bolted to the trunk firewall and has computer type connectors.

There are no connectors on the radio itself except for the antenna. The radio has two 10 pin square style connectors running into it on a cable and nothing else. The radio is a stock Delco part number is 16200373.

Other than starting to tear the carpet amd front seat out I've just about torn the car apart looking for this stuff (it was basically brand new when I started!). It is not in the dash, under the back seat, or in the trunk. Can anybody tell me the following with great certainty for a 1996 Fleetwood (I now know that 1996 is not the same as 1993 or 1994):

1. Did the car supposedly come prewired for a Cd-Changer in the trunk (it has the cd changer controls on the radio and the owners manual says that it was an option)?

2. Is the factory Cassette unit with cd-changer controls a real radio (self contained) or does it have a receiver/amplifier box hidden away someplace?

If so, I'll keep tearing stuff apart. Local installers only know about rice-burners. Good thing that I am only trying to go Delco to Delco! Thanks.

02-21-05, 06:31 PM
I am sorry that I am not knowledgable on your 96 Fleetwood Radio/CD questions and really thought someone with your model and some experience with this particular problem would respond. Did some digging about it and only concrete info I came up with was that a CD changer option was indeed available on the 96 Fleetwood. Can someone with this model respond to the gentleman???
(did a search on this forum and found another owner-HotRodSaint 96 Fleetwood Brougham- Cadilac, see if you can contact him directly)

Terry Barrett
06-02-05, 07:22 PM
I'm having the same problem I have the factory manuals for the '96 with no wiring diagrams took the radio apart & there looks like the is a spot for a connector on the circuit board or maybe this works with a wireless changer? very frustrating!! Did you get yours figured out??
96 FWB, 97 ETC