: 2013 ATS vs 2013 CTS

06-30-13, 03:24 PM
Went into the dealership to look at 2013 ATS-wanted smaller car that was cheaper than what I thought an 2013 CTS would cost me. To my surprise was offered a 2013 CTS for $ 700 less than a similarly equipped ATS. But when I got in the 2013 CTS, it looked exactly the same as the 2008 CTS I was trading in. I figured being at the end of the cycle for the car 2008-2013-the were heavily discounting the car.

Finally choose the ATS for several reasons. Had the latest technology in the ATS vs what was in the CTS. Plus even at my age wanted to be a litttle excited about a new car and buying a car that looked the same inside as the one I was trading in just didn't cut it. Plus the IPad they were throwing in with the ATS didn't hurt.

Miss the rain sensing windshield wippers as well as the base engine. 4 cylinder base engine in ATS is step down from the base engine in the CTS. All in all-still think I made the right decision.

PS-FYI-don't trust anything you read in the CARFAX reports. Dealership had fixed my car when I ran into an animal whcih required replacement of the front bumper, radiaitor and A/C repairs totalling $ 3,500. all the CARFAX report showed was routine service on that date-nothing to indicate car was in a major accident.

06-30-13, 03:59 PM
car fax will only show accidents if you had an accident report issued by police and you submitted an insurance claim for repairs. If you have the vin run by a gm dealer for the service records it would come up. I bought a 2007 vette as the third owner and had a buddy from a gm dealer run the service records and it showed me everything ever done at every dealer who ever serviced the car in detail.