: 4 ways killing the battery?

02-15-05, 03:43 PM
I just had my car towed today, it was at another location other then my house. I was told I left the 4 ways on, resulting in a dead battery. I know I turned the 4 ways off, I went to the car 6 and 1/2 hours after it broke down, and they were off. I even used the keyless entry to open the door, but im pretty sure the lights were on.

I returned the next day at NIGHT and removed some belongings out of the vehicle, the trunk light was on, and the inside lights were functional.

Now, the car was towed today in the morning, and when they went to start the car, the battery was dead, shot. When the car was started, the 4 ways were on...Strange...The only thing I could think off was if the tow drivers put the 4 ways on when they went to tow the car, I could have sworn I turned them off, and would have noticed if they were still on. I dont think its possible to drain the battery that long...

I was also advised the battery was 'rebuilt' and had a 90 day warranty, this was the person that sold me the car. So now they bought a $25.00 dollar battery and stuck it in the car (new battery).

Im going to find out hope fully soon what is wrong with my car. Ive been told anything from the torque converter, the pump, to some kinda sprig valve???

Should I mention this service bulletin found on another forum:

"GM 4l60E Preventetive Maint. tip:
The pressure regulator boost valve and it's sleeve should be replaced every 40,000 miles to avoid major damage that occurs when accumulated wear in the boost sleeve causes insufficient presure to be made available in reverse. We are seeing to many major repairs of the 4L60E around 50,000 plus miles being traced to this boost valve and sleeve. The valve and sleeve can be replaced easily during routine service of the transmission at a additional cost of around $50.00. This should be considered a must do maintenance procedure on the 4L60E."

This sounds like a problem I have.