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06-30-13, 06:54 AM
Hi everyone, I am a first time owner of an SRX with 114,000 miles on it. All my previous vehicles Ihad used slick 50 in the trans and always got over 200,000 miles on them. Are addidtives recommended for the GM trans?. I feel I should do some sort of addidtive to protect this new investment. I hope to have a happy relationship with my SRX and this board.
Thank you in advance.

Frank, 2007 SRX 114,000 stock.

06-30-13, 01:57 PM
Try google the question, IMO no additives should be used on a good motor or transmission, its the usage and maintenance that promotes long life. Possibly with heavy duty use it could be feasible,

06-30-13, 06:58 PM
GM does not recommend additives, it just recommends Dextron VI. Dexton VI is more than just a name for an ATF that has to be licensed to use it; it is a set of specifications that an ATF has to meet or exceed. Slick 50 claims to be able to restore your ATF and perhaps it can. But why gamble on a claim that may or not be true when you can simply change your old Dextron VI for new and change your filter while your at it?

If you want an ATF better than a Dextron VI then you need an ATF that starts with higher quality base stock oils, as additives alone won't do it.

So, as I see it, you have 3 choices. You can ask yourself the Clint Eastwood question: Do I feel lucky? If the answer is yes, go for the Slick 50. Or you can exchange the old ATF for a new fill of Dextron VI, change the filter for added protection and use the severe use change interval of 50,000 miles for added protection. Want the best that money can buy for your baby? Then go for an ATF that exceeds the specifications of Dextron VI but be prepared to unbuckle your money belt as your talking about an ATF that sells for around $11 to $12 a quart.


06-30-13, 10:11 PM
Ok that sounds like a plan. Now here is what I have been contemplating, I was going to change to oil while engine is warm by dropping the pan, then measuring what I take out and replacing that. Then starting the car letting it get to warm state per manual and then topping off fluid so I get a drip out of side fill hole. This way I get out more than 5 quarts and help flush most of the old fluid out. My only problem is I have to see if I can add fluid from the top of engine (the conventional way).

06-30-13, 11:25 PM
Hmmm, thats not a proper flush, if you are state side, you must have access to a place to do it right, they use a transmission flush unit connecting to you cooler lines, they flush out a equal amount that goes in. YOu need to raise the car to put in the oil. You never mention if you have a V8 or V6

07-01-13, 10:13 AM
My only problem is I have to see if I can add fluid from the top of engine (the conventional way).
Unfortunately you can't add fluid from the top. Like many newer transmissions, ours is a sealed unit. Fluid is added thru the fill plug in the bottom until it runs out. Engine must be running and fluid between certain temperatures.

07-01-13, 10:54 AM
Donīt know about the V6 but my V8 has a fill plug above the pan right side midway