: Need some help with an oil temperature issue (posting here because I am at a loss)

06-29-13, 08:26 PM
Hey guys,

At a loss for an issue and could use some help.

2005 ctsv 64k miles

I am having an oil temperature issue. It's been pretty hot where I live in so cal recently (95-104 degrees) and my oil temperature during normal driving (no hills or speeding) is getting up to 300 degrees, averaging around 285. The temperature readings are very sporadic and jump around significantly.

I replaced the oil pressure, level and temperature sensors today and it did nothing.

Here's the kicker which is what is confusing me. When I turn the ac off the oil temp reading drops by 10-15 degrees instantly and when I turn the ac on it jumps 10-15 degrees over about 3 seconds. The oil temperature also increases about 10 degrees when I am slowing down and drops about 10 degrees when i am accelerating.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am at a total loss other than an electrical issue but I don't even know where to begin.


I also forgot to mention that my tranny fluid temps are fine, coolant temps are fine and oil pressure is fine.

Only issue is with the oil temperature.

06-29-13, 08:31 PM

06-30-13, 09:10 AM
Just stop looking at it. The worst F-ing thing they ever did was to install these oil temp gauges, esp being completely inaccurate.