: +12 Volt Battery Wire plus trunk remote open dead all of a sudden :(

06-29-13, 07:16 PM
Hey Guys,

don't know what happened but the +12 Volt Battery Wire in the dash suddenly stopped having power. Also the Trunk open button in the glove box is not working anymore. Remote Trunk open does not work as well :(

I've checked fuse 4 ("Radio") but it seems ok. Any hints on how this is connected?


07-12-13, 03:46 PM
Valet switch OFF ?

07-12-13, 05:12 PM
Fuse in the passenger leg room below the relay center was blown. no information on that at all in the (german) manual :(

Were would that valet switch be? I've noticed nothing in the glove box :)

07-12-13, 05:37 PM
Many of the 90's and later Cadillac cars came with 2 remotes, 2 black and one gray key. The gray key would operate only the door lock and the ignition - in the glove box was a Valet switch (your owner's manual ??) - you turned it ON, locked the glove box and it disabled the trunk and fuel door switches. Give the valet key to the parking attendant - no access to the glove box, fuel door, trunk.

07-14-13, 10:36 AM
Hm no, not mine. It was a export vehicle for switzerland... perhaps that's why it's missing.

Thanks for the help! Could resolve the issue by replacing that hidden fuse :)