: '96 Deville SES light on and hard to start

M Hollis
02-14-05, 11:42 PM
Hi guys,
She takes about 5-10 secs. to start then runs rough and surges. Runs out fine and gets 25+ mph. I have the following codes: pco-139,152,175,and 717. Is it something I can fix with a screwdriver? (lol)

02-15-05, 10:51 AM
That is a common symptom from a bad Fuel Pressure Regulator. It is in the fuel line near the throttle body and has a vacuum line running to it. Disconnect the vacuum line and start the car. If there is any fuel coming from the regulator it's bad. (Let it run a minute)

02-15-05, 06:43 PM
P0139 - Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 2

P0152 - Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 1

P0175 - Fuel Trim System Rich Bank 2

P0717 - Input Speed Sensor Circuit Low Input

Start with the FPR. It may clear up the 1st three. FPR can be replaced with a screwdriver.

M Hollis
02-16-05, 01:13 PM
Thanks Zonie and Ranger for the help. I was joking but you're right Ranger, I see that it CAN be fixed with a screwdriver!
I owe you guys a beer or twelve,