: XLR Headlight Assembly Questions (2004)

06-29-13, 12:10 PM
Hello, Iím hoping that someone out there can provide me with a little XLR headlight assembly information. Iíve read through the posts and have gathered much helpful information but Iím still unclear on a few particulars. I have a 2004 with severely blemished daytime running light/turn signal lenses. I was able to find a brand new pair of headlamp assemblies (part numberís 20779744 and 45) at a reasonable price but have run into an electrical interface issue.
Does someone have the answers to the following:

1) Does anyone know the part number of the pigtail harness to connect the newer assemblies to the older style connection?

2) Iíve read through the posts and it seems that the melting lens problem was resolved with the newer assemblies. How do I know for sure that I have the latest assembly (that corrected the problem)? I know, to be sure that the melting problem wonít repeat itself, I can use an LED bulb but I think the LED bulb takes away from the beauty of the lamp (the amber incandescent looks good just sitting in there). Can I assume that since I need the pigtail I have the newer, problem free assembly?

3) Did the 2004 model have the headlights that were responsive to the steering? Iím thinking not, and thatís why the newer headlamps have a larger plug connection with additional wires. If this is true can I just move the plug from my old headlamp assembly over to the new one and ignore the top row of wires that I believe is for aiming control?

Thanks in advance. -Roi

06-30-13, 12:05 PM
Well, I guess I’m impatient… and couldn’t wait for a reply. I think I solved all my own problems and thought I would share.

1) Pigtail part number, don’t need it. I traced out the wiring on my old headlamp assemblies and found that the wiring pattern was the same on the new one (except for the adaptive lights) so I just cut the plugs off my old lights, followed the same wiring pattern and ignored (folded back unconnected) the other row of wires. After I completed butt connecting the five lighting control wires I wrapped the cable in flexible wire wrap and sealed it with electrical tape. It looks OEM and I saved $300.

2) I still don’t know if the brazed lens problem will still be an issue with my new assembly but just to play it safe I made another mod. I didn’t want to go LED, to me it just doesn’t look right in the assembly, (plus without a resister your turn signals will not flash at the proper rate) so I purchased a different bulb (992/7440A) which is a 21 watt bulb instead of the OEM 27 watt bulb. I had to modify the base by removing the base from the OEM bulb and placing the 992/7440A into it. (You’ll have to break off one side of the base to get it to fit and carefully cut the leads on the substitute bulb so they are long enough to push through the base. The end product is an amber incandescent bulb that operates cooler. Turns signals work great and in the end everything looks OEM.

3) No, my 2004 does not have adaptive headlamps. I figured that out while performing number one above.

If anyone is interested I can provide more detailed information, just let me know.

BTW – I’m having email problems on this forum, says mailbox is full with only one message… all new messages are held back. XLR problems resolved, now to figure out the forum issues.

06-30-13, 11:59 PM
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