: Cadillac BLS

02-14-05, 05:08 PM
Pictures look nice, no idea what it actually says


02-14-05, 05:25 PM
more info and in ENGLISH


02-14-05, 05:48 PM
Look how small it is. I guess it has to meet those European requirements. Could this be the rebirth of the Cimmaron???:rolleyes2

Ahhh, that grill looks so ugly. Those Europeans want their BMW kidney grill, not some ugly AMERICAN:rolleyes: Cadillac grill. Why does Cadillac even bother?

02-14-05, 08:27 PM
Because they are obsessed with being accepted world wide. Who really cares what Europeans think of Cadillac, they'll never accept it. All they care about are their boring, ultra over engineered German crap heaps.

02-14-05, 08:49 PM
All I can say is BLS is a pretty sorry name. :helpless:

02-14-05, 11:35 PM
I like it.

02-14-05, 11:40 PM
All I can say is BLS is a pretty sorry name. :helpless:

Remove the "L" and i think you will have europe perception of a "Saabillac Maxx G6"

02-16-05, 11:05 PM
I like it more than the Catera, but Cadillac should NOT make the BLS.

02-17-05, 09:38 PM
Hell, Calling it the Catera would have made it a better car.

02-17-05, 09:48 PM
Why even start relating it to the Catera? GM is trying to introduce American style to Europe in a package they'd "like".

02-18-05, 12:25 PM
All I can say is BLS is a pretty sorry name. :helpless:
I was thinking the same... maybe because it sounds bad in american english (you know, easy to mock it as B.S.).
Probably is not the same in Europe. Being cadillac, you could expect a throroughly made name analysis...

02-18-05, 02:51 PM
You can't blame a cat for killing birds, and you can't blame Cadillac for diversifying. If the Cadillac comeback is really going to be a great comeback, then Cadillac can't expect to march up to the top again with 3 cars with a little "V" after the names. If this car is gonna sell in Europe because it has what Europeans want, then give it to them; just make sure it's a quality vehicle. I'll agree it's not the type of Caddy I'd want to drive, but it's a Caddy, nonetheless. Accept it as part of globalization.


02-18-05, 03:19 PM
Man! i love it. it looks better than the CTS, looks like the STS's little brother, pretty cool, maybe ill have one shipped over :p

02-18-05, 03:42 PM
It is a Cadillac designed for the European in mind and not so much the American. I think it is an okay move as long as they don't deprive the Europeans of their other cars.

Here is a rough translation:

At the Geneva auto show General Motors shows the first Cadillac out of Europe for Europe. The front drive BLS comes to the market in 2006 and is the littlest model of the US luxury car marker. It is based in spite of more powerful motors and higher quality equipment and is technically the Saab 9-3 and is constructed presumably also in the Swedish Trollhättan plant. What is presented in Geneva, is to be sure another prototype, but the production car (premier at the IAA in September) is differed only through the wheel design. The launch should start in February 2006, it will price from about 28,000 to 29,000 Euros - therefore exactly between Saab 9-3 and the larger Cadillac CTS (C-segment Touring Sedan).
BLS stands for B-segment Luxury Sedan. This model competes 3 series and Mercedes C-class German place leader, as well as audi A4, BMW, but naturally also with noble Mittelklasse-Importwagen of Alfa Romeo, jaguar, Lexus and Volvo. Running time only four and a half years of the BLS is 4.68 meters long, 1.76 meters extend and 1.44 meters tall. The new European car on basis of the current Epsilon-platform of GM (Opel Vectra, Saab 9-3), after that only two US-derivatives - under that also the Saturn aura. Based on its late appearance appointment and the already (this is where I got some stuff lost in translation)
GM has spent nearly 250 million dollars on the BLS, according to development boss, Lutz in the inner room quaked already a foretaste on the next Cadillac-generation: with soft leather equipment, high-value surfaces, Bose-Soundsystem and DVD-navigation with 6.5 inch touchscreen monitor. The exterior of the BLS in the so-called Art & Science-style of the Cadillac-models XLR, CTS, STS and SRX.
It should offer one notch better sound comfort and resilience to other GM-cars on this platform. First Cadillac will have a diesel engine gor the BLS. In this car there will be the appearance of the V6- and V8-Turbodiesel (autumns 2007) for the rear wheel drives models making this the first diesel Cadillac. To the use, the 1.9-Liter-4 cylindar well known out of the Fiat-GM-Joint venture. As a basis-Benziner, a two liter-four cylinder-Turbomotor with about 200 HP serves ranks, about that a 2,8-Liter-V6-Biturbo with presumably 275 HP. All engines have therefore clearly more achievement than a comparable Saab 9-3-Motorisierungen.
As a power transmission, peeled transmission and automatic control mechanism transmissions with five or six gears to the choice stand according to Motorisierung and equipment.
Annually Cadillac of the BLS wants to drop throughout Europe 10,000 units. Therewith 50 percent of all would be fallen from 2007 planned Cadillac-Verkäufe in Europe to the new Einstiegslimousine.

02-18-05, 04:12 PM

02-21-05, 03:35 PM
I didn't like the name at first either (and I'm a supporter of Cadillac's new naming policy). While CTS, XLR, etc. sound very edgy and modern, BLS sounds terrible (perhaps from the fat looking and sounding B at the front of it's name). But then I thought of how BLS would be pronounced were it a word. "Bliss" I kind of like that. The Cadillac Bliss.

The little BLS may end up being quite the performer.
Saab just announced a new wagon version of the 9-3. It is powered by the same 2.8l Turbo V-6 that will be the top engine in the BLS.
How does a 2.8-liter turbo V-6 making 250 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque in a car smaller than the CTS sound?

Like Germans crying? :)

02-24-05, 05:04 PM
It does look like a miniture STS. Build and they shall come!!!!

03-01-05, 11:53 AM

New picture?

03-01-05, 12:10 PM

New picture?

It actually looks pretty good from that angle. :)
Wish they would show it in a color besides baby blue though...

I also wonder if those wheels are going to make it into production. What size are those?

03-01-05, 12:50 PM

More Pic's at Autoweek.com (http://www.autoweek.com/files/specials/2005_geneva/caddybls/pages/1.htm)

03-01-05, 06:49 PM
It actually looks pretty good from that angle. :)
Wish they would show it in a color besides baby blue though...

I also wonder if those wheels are going to make it into production. What size are those?

...I was wondering that as well. It's my impression that Europeans have more conservative tastes in that realm. But then again, a conservative person wouldn't be buying such a stand-out car, would they?

03-02-05, 09:57 AM
"The new Cadillac has been designed to fully meet the demands for performance and handling in Europe," Forster said, adding that it would not be sold in North America. (http://www.detnews.com/2005/autosinsider/0503/02/autos-104269.htm)

STS 310
03-17-05, 03:49 PM
Nice looking. Stupid name.

03-17-05, 10:06 PM
interesting body color, but the way that car sits is a little strange to me

03-19-05, 01:00 PM
Man thats an ugly car...Looks like they tried to make a Cad out of a Nissan Altima.

03-20-05, 05:32 PM
Opel Vectra



03-21-05, 12:31 PM
All I can say is BLS is a pretty sorry name. :helpless:

In German it would be pronounced "Bearhh-L-Sssss". I many Eastern and Central European languages, the name will come off much better than in English, or French for the matter. "B" isn't a strong sound in English, but is in many other languages. I wouldn't be surprised if they change the name if marketed in France.

I hope Caddy nails this one, because they haven't had much luck with small cars...

06-30-05, 06:49 AM
love it love it love it (dont quote me on that)