: Presents for Hubby, Pinion and Strut Tower Braces

02-14-05, 05:05 PM
Thank those for responding about the wheel hop kit for a birthday present for my husband. It doesnt seem worthwhile at this time.

Has anyone put in the pinion support brace from
BMR? Is is worthwhile?

BMR claims the strut tower brace is an improvement over the stock brace. Does anyone have experience with this brace.

Since I cant find a good wheel hop kit, I'm still looking for birthday presents for my husband.

02-14-05, 05:09 PM
You can always get him this

You may never see him again, but he will be happy.

02-14-05, 05:18 PM

I recently purchased a V.

I had the car come with Corsa Exhause and FG2 suspension. If your husband races with the car, he will most certainly want the FG2 suspension upgrade (approx $1200), if he doesn't already have it.

The Corsa sounds great, and is the only GM approved exhaust, however it does not produce the power that a freer flowing 3" exhaust will produce (such as the BB). It runs about $1200 ish.

The very first thing I purchased after gettnig the car was a Stealth V CAGS Eliminator, to stop the very annoying 1st to 4th skip shift 'feature' of the transmission. This can be stoped also by a software tune, but if you take it in to the dealership for maintenance, they may flash the PCM, and remove your fix. The Stealth V !cags, is snap in piece, that is high quality (read: not ahowegrown fits all fits none) product running approx $50.

I also putchased a set of brushed aluminum foot pedals. These look great, and provide a bit more grip that the regular rubber pedal. Coast approx $300 for all pedals and foot rest.

I don't have any fdirect experience on the products you directly requested. I am however sceptical that the tower brace adds much to the perfromance of the car (a brace is a brace is a brace). Other may disagree.

The pinion brace will introduce more road noise into the car.

Search the Boards for links to the products I mentioned.

Good luck. I must admit your hubby sounds like a lucky guy to have a wife like you.


02-15-05, 08:21 AM
the pinion support only helps with ONE certain type of clunk, not others....there are several clunks, and many many past threads about this. Search is your friend.

The STB....well....it's all show, no real benefit IMHO.

May I ask....why are you "raiding" BMRs site? Why not get the Corsa or B&B exhaust? It's just odd.

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