: Should I buy?!?

06-28-13, 04:34 PM
2006 SRX for $10K. Brother is the dealer, car has been in accident but has since been restored. Looks and runs great.


06-28-13, 04:47 PM
Being it your brother selling you the car I assume he will sell you a good truck, having said that check under the car, have it lifted, and inspect it your self, have them remove the splash shield under the car and look for rust on the transmission cooler lines and a radiator sag in the middle, check every button latch and switch. Check with the DMV to see if it was totaled as a wreck. If its in good shape (you did not say the miles) you will have a good truck, if not (no comment). I see you are a member since February, did you own a another Cadillac? Check to see if the rear tire deployment works. You did not say if its a V8 or V6. Its also good to look through the threads on here and determine for yourself if the Negative out weight the Positive

06-29-13, 10:11 AM
At $10,000 you are not risking too much, and it may be worth it even if you have to put some additional $$$ into it to iron out a couple of minor issues. Have you driven it and checked out everything yourself to determine what features it has that are NOT working? No salvage title, right?

I don't think your brother would recommend this SRX if, at $10,000, he thought he was going to be getting grief over this vehicle sale forever and cause a family rift.

You can always pay a few bucks to have your own collision shop verify that the car is straight and the repairs done correctly. I would pay the money and have my collision shop check it out if I were you......brother or no brother. Brother is not a body shop/collision expert. I also always have my own mechanic go over a pre-owned vehicle I am interested in buying, no matter what I think or how good the vehicle looks.

Details on the SRX ???


06-30-13, 12:02 PM
If its black and a v8 and the miles aren't bad, have your brother call me, I might buy it