: Coupe - Door adjustments?

06-28-13, 01:08 PM
I feel like the doors on my 2011 coupe are shutting tight. Is there an adjustment? Could this be a sign of the rubber weather seal getting old - is low miles, so I'd assume this isn't the case?

There seems to be a lot of tire noise on the one side, more than usual. My tires are slightly worn, but there is an increase in wind noise that I started to notice.

06-28-13, 11:51 PM
Tight like u have to slam them? Mines brand new and you have to close with some force cause of the air lock. Try opening up the window a crack, then closing. If its easier you're fine.

Snotty Boom Body
06-29-13, 04:47 AM
On my 13 coupe the windows automatically drop down a quarter inch when you open the door and then after the doors are closed they go back up
I would think the same thing happens on your 11 coupe
And I'm pretty sure if the window doesn't go down you won't be able to open the door and if it goes back up before the doors closed you won't be able to close the door or the glass will break
Check the body lines to make sure that they still lineup from the quarter panel to the door to the fender.
Maybe you're striker plate moved you can check that too.

06-29-13, 08:43 AM
The windows do the same on the '11 coupes.

07-01-13, 02:41 AM
My 11 coupe had the same issue, doors were sagging just a little bit and I could see they didn't perfectly line up right before they closed. I took it to my local body shop and the used a tool that looked like a pry bar that is made to adjust doors. He sat in the back seat, closed the door partially and tweaked it/pryed it up a bit and now it's fine. He told me the vettes have the same issue because the doors are heavy and eventually they sag ever so slightly. It's not a defect...it's just normal wear.