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06-28-13, 08:58 AM
dear community,

I own a 2005 SRX V8 with only 95.000 km on the clock and just had it returned after a shocking series of repairs (or attemps to) from one of the few Cadillac dealers here in Holland.
It went in with only regular service te be done and some noise from the back. (bearings...)

After consult the total bill would be close to 5000 (that is aprox USD 6600)
all 4 shocks were leaking, and since these are equipped with that socalled levelling system...

costs : 1000 per shock !!
rearbearings both bad: 453
brakes all around in poor shape: 300 per disc
dvd nav will not update firmware: 400

needless to say I was shocked about this. the bearings had to be done, and alas I have no time to get the parts over from the US. Due to MOT requirements leaking shocks are not permitted...
You might think this car is a battered down vehicle, but I assure you this car looks and feels like new and we are the second owner since new. It is our family cars so we don't drive that much, merely around town.

I have driven Lexus for 11 years but really never, never have I encountered a bill that high: to put it different 1 year of cadillac stands for 5 years Lexus.

Can anyone put me on the right track where to buy GM parts: we as a company import many American goods and I see that this is the least of my problems.
But getting the right parts...(I saw two different partnumber for the rear bearing at Autozone.)...does the VIN code give me the info requested?

Who can help?
many thanks
Jeroen van Veldhuizen

06-28-13, 09:22 AM
PM me and I can send you a boat load of places to buy parts,you can get parts also from eBay Germany. Holland was the place I bought my SRX, started to take them to court over the scrape metal they sold me, but dropped it due to distance. There are a lot of scrap yards in Germany which not surprisingly has SRX parts and abandoned SRX's. I plan to go shopping in one this summer, basically stripping one and have my own parts warehouse in the garage. By the way I had the same problems you did except the front bearings went out on mine, shocks still OK I guess, although I did see a tear in the rear shock boot, so maybe damage is already starting on that shock. I have less KM then you , only 83000 Km (51500 miles) 67000 KM (41000 miles) at time of purchase, judging by the rust under the car and how long it took to be that way it could of been a rust bucket at 30,000 KM (18000 miles), who knows. I know you only asked for parts location but thought I would let you know you are not the only one of the few(Europe) who own one with so low KM and so High costs
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/orandaberg/securedownload_zpsf8c85f43.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/user/orandaberg/media/securedownload_zpsf8c85f43.jpg.html)
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