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02-14-05, 11:45 AM
I know, it sounds like a sacrilage, sorry. I was at the junkyard Saturday going through a 90 Brougham just like mine trying to verify all the information I've been told about the stereo setup in my Brougham. It turns out there is no external amplifier, and that there is a small control box right between the radio and the steering column. I had to figure this out at the junkyard, because my radio is shrouded with a piece of plastic all the way around behind it, thus, I couldn't really see anything when I took my radio out at home. However, the good news is that the antenna line is more than long enough to plug into an aftermarket in the factory radio's place; the bad news is that I don't have an amplifier, hence my plan.

My best friend drove an 89 Towncar with the premium sound, which had an amplifier in the trunk. I was able to find 2 of them at the junkyard, and took them both. So far I've been able to idetify each of the speaker inputs into the amp, and each of the speaker outputs from the amp. I've also isolated the remote turnon, and most of the power and ground lines. I'll be stopping by a Ford dealer either today or tomorrow to get everything verified. My question is, do you think this setup could work? The amp uses speaker level inputs, I know that for sure from the work we did on his. Any comments welcome.


02-14-05, 08:28 PM
Alright, I took some digital photos to make everything easier, I hope they explain what I'm trying to do a little better. Any comments welcome, thanks.


02-14-05, 10:23 PM
I don't see why it couldn't potentially work. The only problem I see, is that usually those stock amps run at 2ohms. The one in my 1990 Continental did anyways. And I had a friend with an 88 Town Car with a 2ohm amp also.

02-17-05, 12:16 AM
Chuck, thanks for the help. I took the amp to a Ford dealer today, and looked at some wiring diagrams from a 90 TC and a 89 Continental (they didn't have a book for the 86-89 TC). I spent about an hour this afternoon as well browsing Lincoln Forums, and it turns out that in the above pictures, the RED wires are both grounds, while the YELLOW and the YELLOW with BLACK stripe are all 12 volt connections. Then I put the amp, an old HU, and a speaker onto a board and pulled the battery out of my car and gave everything some power. It powered right up, and put clean, crisp sound out of the speaker. Either Friday or Saturday I'm going to put the amp onto a board and wire it into my Brougham. I'll post a picture of how it looks, but I'm very pleased with how well this entire ordeal has gone. I was disappointed to say the least with the stock setup but for $11 at the junkyard and some time researching, I'll have better sound now.

02-25-05, 12:27 PM
I put an aftermarket four channel amp on my friends f-250 pickup...it was 900W
to four 5x7 3way speakers. Using the stock stereo unit. Sounds crisp and deep..better then my bose in my cadillac.

02-25-05, 10:09 PM
Yeah, it's kind of sad but any upgrade is usually better than stock. I've got a birthday coming up sooner or later, and I told my fiance I wouldn't mind a used 4-channel Orion amp, but for right now, the Lincoln amp actually sounds pretty damn good. 11 dollars wasn't a bad price, but then I had a roll of 10 guage wire, all the shrink tubes and split wire tubing I needed already, so it would probably be a little more in reality. The fun part was taking the glove box out and putting the aftermarket deck in it's place. I live in a college town surrounded by drunk kids (ok, me once in a while too), so I didn't want a flashy aftermaket deck sitting out for every eye to see, so I left the factory deck and wiring in, and just hid the new unit. The remote works like a charm, and no-one's the wiser!