: Which Headliner/sail panel fabric should looks better?

Vladillac Khrougham
06-28-13, 04:47 AM
Due to a bad blower motor now repaired I had to drive windows down which resulted in a rapidly progressing headliner sag
. I bought some tan/beige headliner fabric (of course it was not available in blue) and a few yards of Navy Blue felt as well as a two-tone blue stylized fabric. I made a rough mock up of a passenger a rear passenger side sail panel with a spare reading lamp to get a better feel for how the felt and other fabric would look. hat do y'all think?

here is the stock panel: 121049

here is the foam-board mock up covered in headliner material which is covered by Navy Blue felt: http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y391/Vladillac/cpillar/DSCF0017_zpsd77fe3db.jpg



and here is the mock up with the felt covered by the two toned fabric: http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y391/Vladillac/cpillar/DSCF0026_zps18a9f1a0.jpg



So what do you think would look better as a headliner/sail panel cover: #1 order stock headliner material, #2 Navy Blue felt or #3 The two tone fabric?

06-28-13, 08:05 AM
Being that your car is leather, have you considered trimming it in leather? I know that would be quite a chore to do the whole headliner in leather, but it would be pretty neat.

If its not feasible, I vote for original headliner material.

06-28-13, 09:14 AM
The fancy fabric is a neat idea. Reminds me of Cadillac interiors from the '70's. However, I don't think it would look good with the solid color seats.

Are you sure you can't find headliner fabric in blue? If that's the case, I'm in trouble. I need green for the '79 CDV.

I vote for stock, if possible. The felt cheapens the interior.

06-28-13, 09:53 AM
That 2 tone is pretty groovy. I like the vinyl like stuff they used in the early 70's. These guys must have something you would like.


06-28-13, 10:42 PM
Stock all the way.

06-29-13, 12:24 AM
Faux suede?

06-29-13, 12:36 AM
I know the fabric is available in blue because I have sourced it before. Just haven't tried the right places yet. I kind of like that two tone.The ribbed clth in blue is sharp if you can find it.

Vladillac Khrougham
06-29-13, 05:44 AM
This was a casual poll. My headliner was fine until A. Due to a faulty frozen front map light switch, I installed an identical part but must have opened an avenue for air to infiltrate. B. due to a bad blower motor bearing/east cost summers, I had to drive with the windows down which resulted after 3 week in catasrophic headliner failure. I just happened to to pass a fabrics/craft chain and popped n to see what was avail on a whim. They just had contemporary neutral headliner material colors. I was aware that i could order stock, but C. was casually curious about alternative possibilities. From hat they had n stock, Navy Blue felt was closest, but then I saw a fabric that my Depression/WWII/Koran war era grandparents would have had decorating the house and decided to also get a few yards. This was more a practice run to learn by mistakes, get experience and building confidence.

Also I may be an an anomaly:
1. I am all about stock preservation.
2. but also like to hack things (modify/personalize/customize)
3. That is also why I am in the salvage yard to save duplicate trimm, grillez etc
5. I will only permanently alter a part if its not the original

Basicly I am gonna keep it (the headliner) stock. but now found another head liner....

06-29-13, 08:05 AM
You can never go wrong with stock. Especially if resale value is involved.

That said, I really love the look of the two toned fabric. If it is your death car, as in they will bury me in it cause I will never sell it, I would go for it!

06-29-13, 08:53 AM
www.smsautofabrics.com has the correct headliner fabric.


www.smsautofabrics.com has the correct headliner fabric.
Oh and I'm for the original fabric. All the way

06-29-13, 02:36 PM
#2 Navy Blue is I like the most others #1 looks dull compared to 2 and #3 looks like Elton John's car lol