: OK....Talk me out of this! I beg you!

06-28-13, 01:19 AM
Here are the facts...

I already own two more cars than I need.
I walk 300 ft. to work.
One of the two is in the beginning steps of restoration.
I have finally managed to build up some funds to get work moving on my Talisman.
I live in an apartment with no place to work on cars.
I have two senior parents that are in almost constant need of my attention, leaving me no time to work on cars.

But....this car is tempting me and I need to be talked down.

It is 2 hours from me and can be had for a little less than a grand. At first glance I though it looked too rough. After really looking at it I was more and more impressed with it. For a car that has lived in WI all it's life it has almost no rust. The body looks completely straight down the sides. Even the bottom of the rear bumper looks amazing for a local car. The interior looks like all it needs is a headliner.

Runs good, shifts smooth. Needs shocks, ac work(blows warm), windshield washer, and the power seats, locks, and windows don't work. Needs top, and rear fillers.

Over ten years old is exempt from mileage disclosure. Can't talk to PO, and seller doesn't know what it is, but odometer shows 35,000.

I am wondering if it could be original? Most WI cars that old with 135,000, show it. This one has me wondering.:hmm:

http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqEOKooFF0ofrGy1BRfro3rJy60_3_zpsa3656285.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqEOKooFF0ofrGy1BRfro3rJy60_3_zpsa3656285.jpg.h tml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqJHJEkFE2s4BRfroikMM60_3_zps20768f1f.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqJHJEkFE2s4BRfroikMM60_3_zps20768f1f.jpg.html) http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16JHJHwE9n8igtftBRfro1F1Bw60_3_zpse9392aa8.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16JHJHwE9n8igtftBRfro1F1Bw60_3_zpse9392aa8.jpg .html)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16JHJHwE9n8igtftBRfro1F1Bw60_3_zpse9392aa8.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16JHJHwE9n8igtftBRfro1F1Bw60_3_zpse9392aa8.jpg .html)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16hHJHwE9n8ikMDPBRfro9liVw60_3_zps7d6512d3.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16hHJHwE9n8ikMDPBRfro9liVw60_3_zps7d6512d3.jpg .html)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16FHJGIFFoZMuyFrBRfrorpJ60_3_zpsb650d154.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16FHJGIFFoZMuyFrBRfrorpJ60_3_zpsb650d154.jpg.h tml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16FHJHYFFkNipzgSBRfro5VQI60_3_zpsef7d1491.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16FHJHYFFkNipzgSBRfro5VQI60_3_zpsef7d1491.jpg. html)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqRHJEkFE1kttdPBRfrokpc3w60_3_zps106abcce.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqRHJEkFE1kttdPBRfrokpc3w60_3_zps106abcce.jpg.h tml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqJHJEUFE2Hmwii1BRfro7Ujg60_3_zps7f400eee.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqJHJEUFE2Hmwii1BRfro7Ujg60_3_zps7f400eee.jpg.h tml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16NHJGwFFZRuhsJBRfro78Og60_3_zpse9838ace.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16NHJGwFFZRuhsJBRfro78Og60_3_zpse9838ace.jpg.h tml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16RHJIE9qSO8nCkBRfrodNVB60_3_zpsc1c947e6.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16RHJIE9qSO8nCkBRfrodNVB60_3_zpsc1c947e6.jpg.h tml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16ZyUE9s6NGwSBRfrowuhDg60_3_zps8eb69497.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16ZyUE9s6NGwSBRfrowuhDg60_3_zps8eb69497.jpg.ht ml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16FHJGIFFoZMuyFrBRfrobQ-Rg60_3_zps2df5e0f5.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16FHJGIFFoZMuyFrBRfrobQ-Rg60_3_zps2df5e0f5.jpg.html)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16dHJIkE9qU3lQoTBRfroVM3B60_3_zps0ef9e5fd.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16dHJIkE9qU3lQoTBRfroVM3B60_3_zps0ef9e5fd.jpg. html)

06-28-13, 01:21 AM
http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16VHJGYFFlPmY1KBRfroRpSMw60_3_zpsea0b583f.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/T2eC16VHJGYFFlPmY1KBRfroRpSMw60_3_zpsea0b583f.jpg. html)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqYOKo8E7EFYGVnBRfroZbsU60_3_zps743c7a1c.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqYOKo8E7EFYGVnBRfroZbsU60_3_zps743c7a1c.jpg.ht ml)http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p519/davidpraedel/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqFHJFQFEMbLcnqJBRfrojOyg60_3_zpsec9cd275.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/davidpraedel/media/Cars%20Of%20My%20Life/talismandave/Misc%20Cars%20and%20Parts/KGrHqFHJFQFEMbLcnqJBRfrojOyg60_3_zpsec9cd275.jpg.h tml)

OK....Talk me out of this!:ill:

06-28-13, 01:28 AM
Rust under the top!!!! There that should scare you out of it.

06-28-13, 01:42 AM
Well, I think when we discuss about old cars, mileage is almost irrelevant. It is the condition of the car that matters. And frankly speaking, the car is not in a good shape.
Rust: checked
leak: checked
electrical problems: checked
missing body parts: checked
bad suspension: checked
broken AC: checked
If I were in your shoes, I would walk away!

06-28-13, 03:00 AM
I....I..I...Can't do it!
What a lovely looking car. Sorry Dave!

06-28-13, 07:29 AM
Rrrrust bucket! Needs far more attention than you'll ever be able to give. On a side note, is that sway bar cracked near the link or is that an illusion created by the camera flash?

06-28-13, 07:59 AM
Money pit!


06-28-13, 09:08 AM
Any time you'd spend on this, is time deprived from your original project. Never good to have to many projects at once

06-28-13, 09:26 AM
Forget about that thing, sell the volvo & buy this:


06-28-13, 09:28 AM
Despite my fondness for the '79, I would not go for that one.
Even if it is low mileage, that car has obviously sat outside its whole life.
That's a nice looking cloth interior, but the rear, driver's side door also worries me. Possible it's just ajar in the photos, but it looks like it doesn't close right.


On the other hand, if you're just looking for a driver and not a project, you could fix that trunk and just enjoy it. :)

06-28-13, 09:40 AM
PartsMobile is what i see.
Unless you have money to burn and a large shop to work on it in for a few years.

cadillac kevin
06-28-13, 09:43 AM
I'd walk. The underside is crusty....like really crusty. Look at the pic with the exhaust. You can see a little bit of the crossmember and the floorpan in the middle of the car. Not good. It wasn't undercoated, and because of that, the underbody is toast.

06-28-13, 10:32 AM
Just say no.

06-28-13, 12:00 PM
Parts car material only. It isn't even a good beater. Here is the sad fact with these cars. restoration has to be a labor of love. My Cadillac which is in good driver condition will need at least 12K to repaint the body and fix the small rust spots correctly and when I am done it will be worth maybe $7500. For a few grand more than they are asking you can buy a nice '79 deville that was not subjected to this treatment. My cadillac would never be restored if it wasn't a family car, just not worth it.

06-28-13, 12:37 PM
^^^^ All of the above!!!!

06-28-13, 10:35 PM
I like the color (really rare and really pretty when it isn't all faded and oxidized). That's about it. This car has been rode hard and put up wet it's whole life. You have the Talisman to work on. Don't divide your resources needlessly.

06-28-13, 11:24 PM
Restore the Talisman, give it to me, then buy that car. Deal?Done? Good.

I promise i'll wear a Fedora and put on a few gold rings and let em hang out the door when driving that beauty...i seriously would get one if i could, theyre so sweet, perfect land yacht

06-29-13, 12:18 AM
This is the male equivalent of a female asking "does this outfit make me look fat??" The difference is, we'll be honest with you!!!

06-29-13, 01:44 AM
Yeah that thing looks old. The top looks wore out, the bottom (as others mentioned) is fried, overall the car is in need of a LOT of attention. The Talisman needs your undivided attention.

Hoosier Daddy
06-29-13, 08:21 AM
What is this Talisman?

06-29-13, 08:35 AM
OK....I feel better now.:alchi:

I was looking at it as buff out the paint, paint the top with Rustoleum texture rubberized white spray, paint and install fillers and drive a while and park on the corner lot at work with a sign in it. The corner at work is US HWY 151-18 and US HWY 12-14 one of the busiest in the state, (third I believe).

Researching on the window, door lock, trunk pull down, and horn seemed to point to it all being a single problem, grounding. Not easy but cheap if right. I would probably take the chance if it were a white, later model(higher MPG), de Ellegance with a sun roof. As it is it really isn't a car I desire on it's own merits, and do not want to divert funds from the Talisman just as I am getting close to being able to roll on it.

Thanks for the (EXTREMELY:lol:) honest opinions. That was why I turned to my friends for an intervention!

06-29-13, 01:26 PM
Hey, if you buy this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm looking to sell. Gotta liquefy some assets.


07-01-13, 03:54 PM
That thing is a Roach.

07-01-13, 05:20 PM
Hey, if you buy this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm looking to sell. Gotta liquefy some assets.


I also have a bustling dirt road corner that will make you an instant millionare. :D