: Ally's safe lease, worth it or not?

06-27-13, 10:44 PM
Hello guys,

I just leased a 2013 Cadillac 2.0L Turbo performance through Ally.

I am a conservative person and always prefer to stay on the safe side. So I always take "REASONABLE" precautions.

My lease through Ally comes with gap insurance. So I don't need to pay extra for it. That is a good news. I also purchased Ally's extra tear and wear protection, called safe lease. It is $990 for my 39 month lease and it covers extra wears and tears up to $5k. Also it covers 145$ per tire if at the end of lease term, they detect a tire is out of spec and it needs to be replaced. Also I think it partially covers extra miles too.

The simple question is that is it worth the money or not? I still have time to cancel it, but I think it is worth the money. I know that dealers try to sell us many extra things that we don't actually need. But I think this safe lease is good for peace of mind. Any special idea or experience with safe lease?

06-28-13, 05:18 AM
Think about it this way:

Do you think you'll do over $25.00 worth of damage per month to the car? If think you will, go for it. If not, don't. I personally wouldn't, but that's just me.

06-28-13, 11:34 AM
It is not a good deal. However, you admit you are conservative so for your peace of mind, go for it. I would not for these reasons: you have a 40,000 mile warranty, bumper to bumper. You will turn in the car before you even wear down a set of tires! When was the last time you destroyed a tire? Even if you do, they are only a couple of hundred dollars each! What is "gap insurance"? You do not sound like a hot-rodder but you did buy a turbo car? WHY?

06-28-13, 02:40 PM
This is just another thing that the 'worried' will take advantage of saying 'better safe than sorry' when in fact its ONLY in place for that fact. If they want to find $5000 worth of problems they can, this really depends on your dealer and if you sit in leather seats with knives in your back pocket or similar. I've had leases and unless there was visible body damage they didn't care.