: Seeking advice for Transmission diagnostic on 06 DTS

Cadillac Giovanni
06-27-13, 12:07 AM
Hey all! I wandered over here from the RWD board to ask some transmission questions. I'm a Fleetwood guy, but my mom has an 06 DTS that started acting up last week, so I figured I'd bend your collective ear for a second.

She was driving home on the highway, and it suddenly seemed like it dropped out of gear. She tells me (I haven't driven it), that it seems like it won't shift. She can get it up to about 45, but at that point it's pushing 3,000 revs. My father assumes a solenoid has given up, which seems like a fair assessment. My brother thinks it's the torque converter/overdrive solenoid, which also seems probable.

I'm just checking sources to see if that sounds right, or if there is another issue with the Northstar engine or transmission that could cause this. If it is said solenoid, does anyone know if it is located somewhere easy, like beneath the basepan, or if the transmission must be removed/disassembled to get at it. I assume a quick Auto Zone code pull will identify the problem, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask some folks with experience.

Any info is appreciated, because I know next to nothing about the DTS. Thanks in advance!

06-27-13, 06:38 AM
There are TWO solenoids .. one for the 1/2 shift another one for the 3/4 shift.