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06-26-13, 07:16 PM
So I just picked up my 07 EXT a week ago and I've been sorting through everything. I spent an hour or so yesterday screwing with the garage door opener to no avail. First off, at least for me, the information in the manual, online, in the forums, everywhere I looked was totally wrong. And honestly it makes sense, every garage door opener is different so how can they have truly universal instructions?

My garage door opener is a Liftmaster security+ from 2003 (rolling code). I've had no problems syncing with homelink before, but this was definitely giving me trouble.

The first "wrong" thing I've seen in ever single post and manual about programming the garage door openers is to hold the outside button for between 20-30 seconds. This simply clears the codes. In order to set it to "learning mode" you only hold the two outside for about 2 seconds and release and then all three lights will stay on.

The overhead light on my garage door opener had to be on according to the Car2U rep, so I turned it on manually with my wall switch, then pressed the learn button on my overhead unit. Then (IMPORTANT) as I walked back to the truck I had to step OVER the safety eye going across the bottom of the garage- apparently stepping through it cancels the learn function! Over that obstacle, I jumped in, pressed and held the "1" key for about a second or two, and then the bulb in the overhead flashed and the garage door moved at which point I immediately released. Boom, programmed.

So Cliffs:
To program a Liftmaster Security+ garage door opener:

Press two outside garage openers for only 2 seconds or so until all 3 lights stay on solid when you release
Turn on overhead light to garage door opener if it is not already on
Press learn button on overhead unit
If your car is outside of the garage step over the beam from the optical safety eyes as you walk out
Press the desired garage door opener key inside and release once the garage door light flashes. This should happen within a couple of seconds.
Your opener is now programmed!

Hope this helps anyone in a similar situation :)

06-27-13, 07:12 AM
There are two different Home Link systems in the Escalade's, not sure when in 07' they changed, in the (4) new 07's I had there was a insert in the owners manual showing the different programming, you could tell by the Home Link buttons, one type were soft buttons and the others were hard buttons :)

06-27-13, 01:10 PM
Interesting! Yeah this is definitely the Car2U system, not Homelink, as it has the hard buttons plus the Car2U guys got it figured out :) Honestly the instructions in the manual did seem similar to a Homelink instruction set. The Car2U is honestly MUCH easier to program once you know how

09-14-15, 06:01 AM
Glad to Know that your problem is now solved

Best Regards


And Forget to Mention thanks for Sharing this Information with other Users. They will definitely get help from this one


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03-05-17, 12:11 AM
Ok ok my liftmaster and 07 escalade the original instructions on most sites didn't work. I had to first hold outer buttons to clear the codes for 20 seconds then after that i had to tap outer 2 buttons simultaneously once and both lights turn on then held 1st button with remote near it while the light slowly flashed and then after 10 seconds lights flash rapidly and i released the garage remote and homelink button. Afyer that i turned on garage motor learn function went back to truck and tapped outer 2 buttons once and the lights stay on then held 1st button until garage lights flash and then it worked. Sorry if I'm not very clear in this post just typing really quick.

03-05-17, 09:12 PM
I have mine programmed for three separate garage door openers and all I did when I first bought the '10 I held both outside buttons for about 20-30 seconds to clear any previously stored codes, hit the learn button on the Liftmaster garage door opener and depressed the left Homelink button for the attached garage door, did the same thing for the Liftmaster unattached garage door and several months later I hit the learn button on my sons Chamberlain garage door opener and then the center button on my Homelink and it learned it immediately. I used the same process when I had my '99 Yukon with no issues. Now I have never been successful getting the Homelink on my '97 Eldorado so I may give your way a try. If it works; Thanks in advance!