: Engine light after FFV installed

02-12-05, 08:12 PM
FFV installed successfully today, After a good 30 minute test drive I noticed my engine light came on. I checked under the hood and found what I suspeceted, I didn't tighten the clamps enough and the heat under the hood allowed the aluminum tube to slip out of the rubber elbow. No problem to fix right, Now that everything is tight and car started, the engine light is stii on, is there a reset somewhere, or will this thing reset itself overnight?
I drove the car for another 1/2 hour after the fix and it performs fine but light is still on. :annoyed:

02-12-05, 08:29 PM
I'm not an expert on these check engine light deals, but usually one of two things has to happen:

A) unplug the battery for 24 hours, or find another way to drain the slight residual voltage from the computer which can be tricky/dangerous to the car's computer

B) some codes reset after a certain number of start/drive/stop cycles (3-5). These usually have to be complete cycles, not just turn the car on and off a few times - but actually drive, turn off, let sit, repeat.

I'd drive it for a day or two and see if the light doesn't reset itself. Resetting the computer isn't that hard by disconnecting the battery and there is a shortcut that I've used on other cars - but I'd hate to see you fry something.

Good luck.

02-12-05, 08:36 PM
Thanks wild, I have had engine lights come on other vehicles for various reasons and they usually do reset. I felt a little power loss after that light came on and the clamps were allowing air to enter the throttle body after the MAF sensor. Now i have my power back and all i need is for that light to go out. I think the car really needs an exhaust to feel the intake mod. More air in more air out.

02-12-05, 08:39 PM
Gotta say I really like my resonator 3" B&B :sneaky:

Of course, after the maggie goes on I might remove it to get some of my stealthiness (word?) back!

02-12-05, 09:04 PM
You like the sound of the B&B with the resonator? Did you feel anything after the installation. I hope it doesn't sound like a Mustang with flowmasters or anything close to it.

It seems like we should be driving our cars more and on this board less! lol
It looks like I will get the exhaust, just don't know which one, and the new DTE chip. All combined should add at least 20 HP, I figure thats conservative! What say you?

02-12-05, 09:15 PM
I do like the sound of the B&B. I haven't heard the Corsa or anything else, so I'm a bit biased. Originally, the B&B did drone quite a bit but Billy added the cones and shipped them out to everyone who already had the exhaust which took 98% of the drone away. There is still some drone when lugging the engine at about 2K RPM - but it is minor in my opinion. A 5.0L Mustang with Flowmasters? Not even close. Also, if you're concerned about the sound being too loud, I think Billy Boat even created a 2.5" front resonator section to tune things down a bit. You might want to PM StealthV for his opinion of the various setups...I believe he has had them all.

Beware that the B&B exhaust will not clear the BMR AWH bar if you're considering both. I can't speak for the DTE tune - but they have a good reputation. I believe that there is another board member who may be offering a tune soon - but don't want to let the cat out of the bag. DTE seems to be charging a fair price and placing a great deal of time into the development so I'm sure it is fine, people seem to like it. If you can wait...well...just wait and see :sneaky:

My approach if I were starting over and if I wasn't already in for a Mag I/C would be this:

Modified exhaust (B&B, Corsa, or at least X-pipe the stocker).
StealthV FFV
Decent Tune - DTE or otherwise that also eliminates CAGS - or at least go with Stealth's CAGS eliminator
Lightened flywheel - TPIS or Lingenfelter (plan to add soon - when the clutch let's go from the Maggie :) )
UUC Short throw shifter developed by lasstss (thanks!)
StealthV Corvette engine covers (+15HP I'm sure!)

And then drive it like you stole it. Those are all relatively invisible mods that will likely give you the most bang for the buck, and are all easily reversible save for the flywheel should you dislike any of them.

Just my hindsight .02...but of course since I'm all in, it doesn't really matter now :lildevil:

02-12-05, 09:46 PM
Willctsv - I can't believe your post. I had the identical experience. I installed the Stealth FFV (a little fiddly, but pretty straightforward) last night. Tested the cas and everything was OK. Today, Engine light came on..with a loss of power. Checked things out and the metal tube had dislodged from the silicon hose. Tighted everything up (i.e. fiddled some more) and got it all real tight. Power is back.....but the engine light remains on. I did try disconnecting the battery for about 15min but that did'nt help. Also tried letting the car idle for a while...that did'nt work either.

So...I am having the exact problem as you and as of yet, have no solution. I'll try a couple of days of driving. If that does'nt work, I can always go back to stock and visit the dealer. Good luck for both of us. Nigel

02-12-05, 09:58 PM
The check engine light will not reset with a simple 15 minute battery disconnect - UNLESS - you drain the residual voltage from the CPU.


I like Stealth's methods below better!

P.S. - I have the FFV and following Rick's instructions to a T have had zero issues.

02-12-05, 10:10 PM
Three methods of reseting the light:

1. Remove the ECM fuse in the underhood fuse panel shown -> here (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/sm/fusebox/fusemap.jpg) <-.

2. Another method is to drive the car (at normal operating temp) for ~10 minutes to allow the car to go through its closed loop tests. Shut the car off, drive another 10 minutes. Shut off and the light will clear if one has fixed the loose clamp, etc.

3. Use a code reader to read and clear the DTC.

With the t-bolt clamps used on the FFV, don't be afraid to snug them down. The t-bolts won't strip out like a traditional screw type clamp.

02-13-05, 12:20 PM
Thanks alot. I appreciate the prompt reply and also appreciate Rick sending me a personal email as well last night. The service at StealthV has been first rate as is the quality of the parts and instructions. I'll try those things out. Thanks. Nigel.

02-13-05, 12:29 PM
Light is off this morning after a trip to the car wash. Thanks Stealth V.
Nigel, Check all of your clamps and tighten up, these clamps are high quality. That should knock out the light..

02-13-05, 04:26 PM
Light is off now too. Just needed a little drive to let everything equilibrate after tightening up the loose ends. Thanks alot SealthV. It works and looks great. Also great service. Thanks. Nigel.

Willctsv - I'm glad your light is off too.

02-13-05, 05:21 PM
NigelM5: what finally did the trick? did you disconnect the battery for 24hrs?