View Full Version : Shifter sticky (side-to-side) when hot

06-26-13, 01:50 PM
Stuck in NY traffic on a hot day, after awhile there was a lot of side-to-side resistance on shifter movements. I was afraid of a breakdown, in fact.

Baby has a B&M short shift with an aftermarket cat-back (don't know whose) where there is just a single muffler at the center crossover, so I'm assuming there could be a lot of heat right under there.

It got better when cooled off - so, what are you guesses? The B&M itself, or possibly the T5? I can't exactly recall the trans temp, but I think was in the 190F range.

Worry, fix it, or fuggedaboudit? :suspense:

06-26-13, 11:49 PM
First thing i would do is pull the boot an shifter from the top to see if anything is out of whack. Whens the last time you have looked at the fluid?

06-27-13, 09:58 AM
Only a few hundred miles on fresh Redline (3:1 mix of D4 and MTL, as recommended in these fori). Shifting was not a problem once I moved to the gate as fore/aft on the linkage was fine, just very stiff side-to-side movement.