View Full Version : 2010 DTS, dealer has no idea

06-26-13, 11:57 AM
I tried our DTS forum with no replies so here goes. My problem deals w the front rubber ferring or valence piece under the front bumper of my newly purchased vehicle. There is no piece under the bumper and I realize the usual ferring, like on the 2009, is no longer a standard piece on the 2010-2011 DTS's. However, there are several black screws hanging down and 2 open slots where a piece appears to have at one time been on. Our Massey dealership has no thoughts on what was there because there are no 2010's to compare mine too. Can someone send a pic, or tell me what should be there so I can go to my dealer and get he missing part put on. The front looks kind of unresolved without the black rubber piece on thefe, and even odder because of the screws hanging down. Thanks!

06-26-13, 12:58 PM

^^^ That's the parts illustration for the 2011... 2010 is the same


^^ That's the 2006-2009 style front bumper