: Getting the crossbrace unbolted under hood on 2004 SRX

06-25-13, 10:17 PM
All will get a laugh out of this one. What size socket is needed to unbolt the under hood cross brace on the 2004 SRX? It is the black brace, square tubing, with a slight upward curve that goes from left side to right side of engine compartment, right above the plastic engine cover. I have tried every metric and fractional inch socket I have and nothing fits. Can't quite get the cover off without loosening the brace.

06-26-13, 03:30 AM
Pretty sure it's an 18mm.

06-26-13, 08:56 AM
It is 18mm 4 bolts.

06-26-13, 12:38 PM
Interesting. Just looked and I have 17mm and 19mm sockets. 18 mm is unusual, but I think I bought one several yrs ago, maybe a spark plug socket? Maybe it is in my teenager's toolbox w/ all of my other missing tools.

Anyway, thanks to both of you for kind and helpful answer to my silly question.

My task is to repl my evap emissions canister purge solenoid valve which is under the engine cover. When I refueled yesterday, I tried starting and driving a few blocks w/out the gas cap. Worked fine. Previously, with the gas cap replaced after refueling but before engine start, the car wouldn't start w/out pumping the throttle pedal (which surprised me on a FI engine), wouldn't keep running unless the driver kept the idle at about 1500 rpm and would stall in the middle of the street and sputter and miss while driving down the street for the next few miles. Leaving the gas cap off solved all of these issues. I now have the valve on order and it should arrive before the next need to visit the gas station.

06-26-13, 02:22 PM
Awesome that solenoid is held in by by a 10mm bolt on the passenger side of upper intake manifold pretty easy to do

06-27-13, 03:09 AM
Hi there one more thing, those bolts must be torque to 83ft/lbs . 2 per side, 4 total.

06-27-13, 11:09 AM
I just run mine down with an impact. When I did it by hand I just got them down tight I pwesonallybonly use a torque wrench on internal engine parts but that's me