: V gone, anyone near Pittsburgh PA today?

06-24-13, 10:52 PM
So I finally decided it was time to sell the V as I've been hit with the mod bug hard and haven't acted on it since april 2012. I drove an 08z and fell in love with it so now I'm on the hunt for a Jet Stream Blue with under 30k, however, I also sold my DD and need to replace that first. I intend to pickup this 4.2 a6 20 min north of Pittsburgh in a town called Wexford. I have been searching for a clean c5 4.2 for months now and am planning to buy sight unseen early wed morning. Chances are slim that anyone from the area will see this Monday night/ Tuesday morning but I figure I try.
I wouldn't be opposed to shooting you over some bills on paypal for your time. I know it's last minute but if you really must know why I can explain.
If anyone can help please email me anton.chaikovsky@yahoo.com. Thank you!

06-25-13, 12:02 AM
Re-opened. Eyeballed it real quick and thought it was a sale thread. Sorry.

06-26-13, 08:44 PM
heh, i could have went. don't live far from wexford at all.

06-28-13, 03:37 PM
I bought a car locally so Mods please close this thread, thanks!