View Full Version : Paint code help..

06-24-13, 10:01 PM
Was unable to find a Duplicolor touch up paint because I don't have the paint code. It says the paint code is under the spare tire cover. All I see is a silver label with a bunch of numbers and I don't know which one is the paint code. I have a '09 CTS4 and the sticker says it is Crystal Red. Anyone out there know the magic code?

al williams
06-24-13, 11:39 PM
You should have "505Q" in the bottom line of your Service Parts ID label. That's the code for Crystal Claret Metallic/Crystal Claret Tintcoat. My understanding is that there is color in the clear topcoat of this paint, which may make matching with touchup paint even more difficult than usual.

06-25-13, 05:27 AM
You need a list of RPO codes. Many sources available. Search this forum or web. Best to save a copy on your pc once you find a complete listing.