: Automatic transmission clutch pack burnout issues

06-24-13, 02:27 PM
Hi, I was wondering as to your collective thoughts regarding a recent failure of the 3-5 clutch packs in my 2012 V sedan's automatic tranny? Could this be due to having added engine mods to increase HP to 650rwhp, but note that the TCM is factory. Dealership is fixing, but not hopeful it will be warranties due to engine mods. Love to hear your thoughts on how often this is an issue with these cars and how I should approach the conversation with the dealership if they deny the warranty claim unfairly. Bear in mind I am in Canada. Thanks!

06-24-13, 02:57 PM
You're saying the transmission wasn't tuned?

06-24-13, 03:09 PM
That is correct, ECM tune but no TCM tune, per the stated position of the shop that did the work on the vehicle.

06-24-13, 03:49 PM
Any particular reason the shop would not tune the trans?

The why I understand it, the trans needs to be tuned for the additional power and torque but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone with more experience in the matter chimes in.

You might want to ask over at c-t-s-v-o-w-n-e-r-s.com(no hyphens)


What were the symptoms?

How was the fluid level? color?

06-24-13, 08:25 PM
Reacted like slipping the clutch when applying throttle, and between each shift, manual or in automatic. No idea what fluid was like as you cannot check it without being on a hoist via the drain/fill plugs, no dipstick. Saw clutch packs though, after tranny was on bench, all burned up from slipping.

06-25-13, 10:36 AM
This is not an easy question to answer......a stock trans can fail under stock power sometimes......happened alot more often on the old 4l60e's....not so much with the new 6l80e and 6l90e. Many people actually burn up their trans by tuning it wrong, by putting the pressures to high, and turning off the torque manangement functions of the trans - again very common in the 4l60e that were in the old cameros/gto's/trucks until they got the 6A now. The 6l80/6l90 are harder to tune than the old autos were, but alot of tuners are now figuring them out. I would still get some kind of tune with the auto if I had one, but I would only reduce the percentage of torque management, not remove it completely if it were my car.

I have a built Level 3 4l60e trans from Performabuilt in my supercharged 2004 GTO that I drag race, and even in that, which is built and rated for alot more power than I am making, I still only remove about half the factory torque management.....It shifts very fast and crisp due to the shift kit in it, which is better than shifting slower under power which slips the clutches more and creates more heat, which kills the trans.

If I had an Auto CTS-V, the first thing I would do is put another transmission cooler inline after the factor cooler routes through the radiator. You cant cool that fluid enough.