: Can't get car out of park

02-11-05, 10:21 AM
Finally have car running. Only took 11 months. Drove the stupid thing 2 days and now the lock on the shifter will not release when brake pedal is pushed. I have removed the cover and pushed the yellow release per owners manual. Just a temp solution. Anytime the car is put in park, you can not get it back out. Any suggestions.... Thanks

02-11-05, 05:36 PM
maybe the parking pin in the tranny ,that just happened to my friends explorer.what year is your catera

02-12-05, 12:58 PM
My craptera is a 97

02-12-05, 01:25 PM
Sounds like the shift interlock...

"The Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI) system prevents the driver from shifting out of PARK without pressing the brake pedal. The BTSI solenoid is energized when the ignition is on and the vehicle is in PARK. The BTSI solenoid is mounted near the floor shifter in the front floor console and mechanically locks the shifter from moving. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal the BTSI solenoid is de-energized and releases the locking tab on the floor shifter. The BTSI system can be manually overridden in case of system malfunction."

02-12-05, 03:28 PM
jeff is the man when it comes to catera's.

02-13-05, 12:18 PM
Is this something easy to repair, or is it a dealer fix?

02-13-05, 05:43 PM
You can probably do it yourself, or atleast -disable it so it shifts.

02-13-05, 05:59 PM
The problem is likely either the Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control Solenoid or the Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control Switch. Here's some diagnostic information for you. First, make sure that your fuel door release switch (on the dash) works. If so, then the ATSLC switch is OK and probably properly adjusted. If the "Brake to Shift" indicator light on the Instrument Cluster is working OK and the Fuel Door switch work OK, then the ATSLC switch is OK. If not, then you need to look at the switch and see if it is lose has moved out of position or if it is broken. Assuming that the switch is OK, then look at the solenoid. You should hear it click (if the switch is OK and you are in Park and the Brake to Shift light is working) when you step on the brake. If not, then it is either unplugged or defective. If it clicks, it is out of adjustment or stuck. If it doesn't click, it is probably defective. If the Brake to Switch light doesn't work and the ATSLC switch is OK, then verify that your brake lights are working. If the brake light switch is out of adjustment, you will have this problem also.

Thee solenoid is located on the left side of the shift mechanism inside the console. You are pushing on it when you push the yellow tab. The switch is on the right side of the shifter. You can see them if you pull out the boot. You can replace them if you remove the trim panel in the console.

Hope this helps.

Steve Hogan

By the way,

02-13-05, 07:24 PM
Thanks everyone for all your help....
If this forum wasn't here, This car would never be running!!!
thank you, thank you, thank you