: Looking for 04 or 05 Stock Wheels

02-11-05, 09:55 AM
I need a stock CTS-V wheel. Anyone have take offs they will sell, or know where I can find V wheels?


02-11-05, 10:51 AM
What do you need it for? the reason I ask is that I have one on the V that hit a curb (that would make a good spare) and and I have a brand new one in the box in my garage unopened. I have not decided what i am going to do with these wheels yet.

02-11-05, 11:18 AM
if i can get it cheap enough ill buy it. always need a spare. not going to run the run flats for ever, how much $ for either one. il take the scratched one, as long as it holds air and isnt in that bad of shape...:D

02-11-05, 10:05 PM
Hit something on the road .. didn't even feel it bent inside of rim, noticed a vibration at certain speeds ... ergo need a replacement .... These V wheels must be kinda soft

02-12-05, 12:16 AM
I also need a spare wheel. I changed out the run flats at 5500 miles (I noticed some guy who said change the tires when you change the oil) and want to carry a spare. I have two decent tires left, but no rim. Cosmetics not an issue, just needs to fit.