: Wipers

06-23-13, 11:16 PM
Now that I asked what the best battery is I would like to know what wipers work the best on our Escalades. My passenger side wiper is streaking maybe missing a small portion of the window near the end.

SpyShops NY
06-24-13, 12:11 AM
Bosch they are like 25$ per wiper but they look like the ones on the Mercedes. I been using them for 2 years they don't streak, I even get compliments.

06-24-13, 08:43 AM
I get whatever is on sale.

06-25-13, 05:11 PM
Whatever you get, use RainX. I just put some new blades on mine (Onyx something or other) and the RainX seems to make my rainsense work 100% better. I've driven through some very heavy rains the last few weeks I used to hate it but now it seems to kick in exactly what I want it and not when I don't.