: Ideal dinner for the.....

02-10-05, 08:44 PM
...Bachelor? Guys need only apply here. I want to know what kind of food you single guys eat when your girlfriend or whatever isn't over in your bachelor pad.

Me you ask?

I just ate a whole box of stove-top chicken flavored stuffing. It was good.

02-10-05, 09:16 PM
When my parents don't feed me I just go out to eat or go to the old reliable Mac&Cheese, Ramen, or instant mashed potatos. :coolgleam

02-11-05, 12:37 AM
Stovetop ..with the louis rich chicken brest strips (italian flavor) you find in the lunchmeat section of your supermarket

Chili with spagetti noodles ....not that caned crap either i make mine from scatch

steaks on grill ...

or anything else i see that i want ...when i dont have to buy food for everyone else i eat like im the friggin ruler of earth

02-11-05, 12:46 AM
I've just finished off some ritz crackers with some cheese...

02-11-05, 12:54 AM
Groceries from Illuminas house:

02-11-05, 08:33 AM
Just moved back in with parents. Thai food. :D

02-11-05, 10:30 AM
Boston market dinners kick ass.

02-11-05, 10:55 AM

02-11-05, 12:03 PM
Just moved back in with parents. Thai food. :D
oh hell yah .....i might be a plain ol white guy but thai food rocks !!!!

02-11-05, 12:06 PM
Groceries from Illuminas house:

LOL! That's funny. Even with my fiance around I did the cooking, but we both like simple things. A roast, chicken, pasta, spghetti, baked potatoes or rice with a roast, etc. Canned soup for me, or Thai-ginger noodles are great! Always choclate after and I try to make sure I always got apples and banannas! :confused: :histeric:

02-11-05, 12:36 PM
If you do not like shells and cheese, ramen noodles or any other highy nutritious foods like these, then go shopping and get them: they're grrrreat!

02-11-05, 03:17 PM
Hamburger helper with french bread and butter. UUUhhh! So good! Or mac and cheese with roast chicken. You'll be very full. Then, a few snickers ice cream bars or cheese cake for desert with some brisk ice tea's.

02-11-05, 11:07 PM
^Damn dude, you know all about the HH with french bread and butter. That is a meal fit for a king.

02-12-05, 02:18 AM
HH kicks ass all day with me. I have two boxes in my cabinets right now.

02-12-05, 06:02 PM
Hell yeah! My girl cooks it for me. Cheeseburger and three cheeses HH. I feel like a KING when she serves it too! I hadn't had it in like 10 or 15 years before she walked into my life. Lucky me....:bouncy: