: Curb Rash

06-23-13, 05:11 PM
My newly purchased '09 CTS4 has curb rash. Previous owner parked by feel. Short of replacing the rims, is there any suggestions to improve the looks of the rims? I could powder coat or Plastic dip. Would prefer to not dismount the tires.

C "T" ess
06-27-13, 10:09 AM
Check with your dealer who they use or do a (google,bing etc) search to find a local rim repair shop. They generally come to your house. I suppose the price is dependent on the severity of the damage.

06-29-13, 01:23 AM
While running late for a tattoo apt I rammed one of my rims into a curb a while back, 3 weeks ago I dipped them black. It filled in the imperfections perfectly, I was very impressed. If you're looking to change the color dipping them is definitely going to be your cheapest alternative to hide the uglys :)

07-07-13, 08:27 AM
There are wheel repair places. You didn't show or say how bad the damage it. If small maybe you and a Dremel can fix it?