: Goofy CUE Startup .WAV File

06-23-13, 04:53 PM
Sorry if this has been posted before, but I want to know if the sound that plays with the CUE system boots up is annoying to you. If my memory serves me right, the sound is the same as that played when my Microsoft Train Simulator boots up and shows the logo for Juko, or something like that. Of all the millions of .wav files that Cadillac could have chosen why in the world did they pick that? IMHO, it does not fit the Cadillac image. I would have preferred the THX .wav file, which is awesome. Yes, I know BOSE is not THX certified, but I enjoy the sound. I also know I can turn it down or off, but it does draw your attention to the CUE system for better or worse. If the CUE system is associated with Microsoft that is responsible for the horrible MyFord Touch system, then I must say for the worse.