: Tonneau Cover Struts - replace

06-23-13, 04:53 PM
Boy, talk about a love/hate relationship...my Allante is pure pleasure to drive, but has so many problems it is driving me crazy...today's is...how do you take out the top fastener on the tonneau cover struts - do I have to remove what appears to be a large partition between
the trunk and tonneau storage area? I have the shop manual and cannot find any reference to changing the struts...thanks again!

06-26-13, 09:08 AM
OK, thanks to a fellow enthusiast named Bob, I now know the tonneau cover has to come off to get to the hinges - the hinges serve as the housing for the darn struts...and, as I understand it, the hinges have to be removed to replace the gas struts...hope this helps someone else - if it does, Bob (who ownes six Allante's) deserves the credit!!!

06-28-13, 10:05 AM
OK...here is what I "learned" - the replacement starts in the trunk. THe upholstery at the top of the trunk's forward wall has to be loosened by removing six screws - that step loosens that flap of carpeting that is then "folded up" revealing two bolts on each side of the metal frame...they hold the hinge inside of the tonneau cover's cavity, and the hinges are where the gas struts live - you can either loosen the four bolts and then CAREFULLY pull out the whole tonneau cover with the hinges
attached, or CAREFULLY, holding the tonneau cover upright and OFF OF THE TRUNK, remove the six bolts attaching the tonneau cover to the hinges...overall,
getting the hinges out is not that tough - our problem was (and is) getting the tonneau cover to line up with the darn latch after replacing the gas
sturts - the four bolts in the trunk have some adjustability, and, of course the six bolts holding the hinge to the tonneau cover do too...finding the right
combination proved to be elusive...we are still working on getting the tonneau to latch.

If you tackle this job you need to remember the trunk cannot be opened much if the tonneau cover is being adjusted, is open, OR if the hinges are installed
without the tonneau cover being attached to them - the hinges are going to have to be protected with at least thick tape - (we used cardboard pieces wedged
between towels to protect the paint, and so far, have not damaged the paint...but as I said, the darn thing needs a better adjustment before it will latch.

I am most definitely not very mechanical, so if you can describe yourself in a similar way you should probably pass on this task