: Is This The New XLR?

06-22-13, 11:18 PM
Click on link & scroll down to first image:


I certainly hope that this is the new XLR.
I think it is a beautiful and absolutely stunning design.
Cadillac needs to re-introduce the XLR again!

Roger O'Dell
12-24-13, 08:06 PM
I'm sure hopeing for something new

12-25-13, 08:35 AM
Those drawings have been out for a while. They are quite nice though. I would hope the xlr has a very attractive dash to axle ratio much like the previous generation does, which being based off the vette, I don't see why it wouldn't. Based on what GM has told us, we have a new escalade, then an ats coupe and ats-v, then cts-v, then this isn't confirmed or denied, but one would imagine coupe and wagon variants of the cts, then a large mercedes s class size sedan by around 2016. I would imagine before the sedan the srx will have been due for an update so that as well. Might be a while before we see the next xlr but hopefully they surprise us.