: Can I change the Seat Settings without the stock stereo?

06-22-13, 11:49 AM
I bought a new stereo for my 2005 STS about a year ago.

About a month ago my keyfob died so I took my wifes keyfob and am using that without a hitch.

The only problem is all her seat settings are saved and I'm a foot taller so every time I get in I have to re-adjust the seat and side mirrors.

Is there a way to have it save the seat settings without the stock head unit? Or do I have to put the old head unit back in?

06-22-13, 02:06 PM
Put the OEM tuner back in or get an aftermarket solution. You don't have to mount it, just connect it up, save your settings to Driver 2 & disconnect again.

There is a better alternative. Get a replacement fob and follow the procedure for rematching all fob's. Then you'll be back where you were. (If fact, you could just do that with the one you have and it would then be matched as #1.) There's a link to the procedure in the 'Sticky' thread at the top of the forum.

There's a recent thread about a memeber who went aftermarket Nav/stereo upgrade that contains a vendor of compatiblity modules for such needs. I'll go look for that thread & post a link.

If you have a good automotive security/sound system shop in your area that's another resource.


Oops! The member in that thread kept his OEM radio. It was a nice installation job, tho.

I tried a few searches and couldn't find what I remembered. Somebody posted about a module they installed with an aftermarket system to provide all their sounds (turn signal clicks, etc.) that are actually produced by the Bose (at least on the 5.1 Surround system) and integration with the steering wheel controls.

Maybe there isn't one for the personalization after all. Unless one has MRC or other options only available with the Bose 5.1, the configuration isn't needed much. I'd just wire a couple connectors to plug it in when needed. The rest of the time, those wire could be tucked up on top of the transmission tunnel.


Here's a whole page of goodies, but I think you're stuck.

Installer.com (http://www.installer.com/cars/by_car.php?carid=6885)