: 79 Coupe Opera Lamps?

DopeStar 156
02-09-05, 04:23 PM
Did the 79 Coupe de Villes come with the C pillar opera lamps? Were they an option or standard?

Night Wolf
02-09-05, 08:02 PM

they are nice though... they don't use the electrolumenestent-whatever strip that, once they go out, that is it..

they use fuse-type lights... easily replaceable... and they are very bright at night... which is nice... the ones on the 80's Broughams and even my '93 are very dim.... the ones on my '79 really light up the area :)

DopeStar 156
02-09-05, 10:55 PM
Hmmm could you replace the bulb in them with LED's mainly for longivity?

Night Wolf
02-11-05, 12:47 AM
I dunno... probbaly

but why? these bulbs are cheap... and they look nice... maybe tomorrow night I'll get a night shot of them so you can see....

04-01-05, 04:14 AM
Any chance we could see a pic of those lamps?